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Honda HNess CB350, CB350RS Recalled Over Faulty Parts

Honda 2-wheelers India has announced a recall for CB350RS and H’Ness CB350 over potential issues with their brake lights and bank angle sensor.

Honda H’Ness CB350, CB350RS Recall – What’s The Issue?

  • As per the bikemaker, a flawed manufacturing process was being followed in the production of the brake lights (stop lights), potentially resulting in crack development on the rubber components. This could allow water to enter, leading to corrosion inside the switch and subsequent malfunction. The models manufactured between October 2020 and January 2023 are facing this issue.
  • The other problematic component is the bank angle sensor. Honda has indicated that the issue arose from the improper moulding of the sensor housing, creating a gap in sensor body sealing. This gap could allow water to enter into the bank angle sensor, resulting in potential sensor malfunction, and in a worst-case scenario, the bike might stall.

Honda will soon start contacting the customers of affected units. Meanwhile, the customers can also check whether their bike is eligible for repairs by entering the 17-digit VIN number on the Honda BigWing website.

It’s worth noting that the part replacement process will be done free of cost and the overall activity will take approximately 1 hour time. Honda has also requested its customers to take a prior appointment before visiting the dealership.

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