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Gaadify Tips: Five Ways To Take Care Of Your Car This Summer 

Similar to how excessive exposure to the sun and its blaring heat can be detrimental to us humans, cars are not so different. If you live in one of the few states of the country where summer temperatures exceed the 45-degree mark, here are some crucial car care/maintenance tips to follow this summer so that the heat doesn’t get the best of your vehicle.

Don’t park in an open area

If you’re out and about during the day or even just have your car parked at your home, make sure to look for or have parking spots with ample amount of shade, as being directly under the sun for hours can heat up your interior and affect your car paint.

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Check up on your tires

Heat and rubber are not a very good combo, so make sure to dredge your tires with water while washing your car and keep the air pressure at a nominal amount to preserve its condition.

Keep those lubricants up to the mark

Similar to how your body needs water to survive, your car requires various lubricants to function such as Engine Oil, Wiper Fluid and especially coolant which ensures that engine which your car so heavily relies on doesn’t overheat during the harsh summers of India. Make sure to keep note of minimum point and refill whenever required.

Get that AC serviced

The heat can be agonizing somedays, and the car just acts as a glorified furnace under some heat extremities. Make sure your compressor, filter and AC gas are all in order so your air conditioner works well to get you through the heat waves.

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Check the battery health

Excessive heat shortens the life of the battery causing the fluid inside to evaporate rapidly and eventually oxidize the battery components. Additionally, absurd heat can also contribute to overcharging by accelerating the chemical reaction within the battery. Getting the battery checked can tell you if it’s charging at the proper rate. Also, top-up distilled water if necessary.