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Android 11 Will Offer 'Wireless Android Auto' Connectivity

Android is all set to roll out the 11th generation OS. It has got all the tech geeks excited, this piece of information carries significance for auto enthusiasts as well. The updates bring a new wireless Android Auto feature along with itself. In all likelihood, the company will roll out the update in September and will help Android play a better catch-up game with its rival-Apple CarPlay.

wireless android auto

What's new for Android Auto users?

The support for wireless connectivity, as mentioned on Google's Android Auto support page comes across as the major addition with the update. This will eliminate the need for taking the phone outs from the pocket and connecting it physically through Micro-USB cable.

Interestingly, Android 10 offered this feature with selected Android 10 equipped Google Pixel and high-end Samsung phones. Samsung's flagship models including Galaxy S8, S8+, and Note 8, all support wireless connectivity even with the Android 9 OS version.

To make sure that the wireless connectivity on Android Auto works smoothly, the following requirements have to be sufficed-

  • A receiver compatible with wireless Android Auto, it can be installed from the company or as an aftermarket addition as well.
  • An Android smartphone equipped with the latest version of the application and an active data plan.
  • The smartphone should be equipped with Android 11 OS and 5 GHz Wi-Fi. In the EU, smartphones must comply with additional regulatory requirements so that 5 GHz Wi-Fi can be used in the car.

More About Android Auto

It is a mobile application developed by Google that mirrors phone display to that of the infotainment system for selected functions like navigation, music playback, and SMS, the system comes equipped with Google Assistant support to control functions on the go, without really taking the hands off the steering and eyes of the road.

Author’s Take 

Smartphone connectivity support is a useful feature that proves really handy for the hassle-free operation of the infotainment unit, Add to which the fact that it comes with the support of Google Assistant and now with the latest addition that will allow wireless connectivity, convenience will increase by multiple folds.