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Why Don't Sedan Cars Get Rear Wipers?

The manner in which an automobile is put together, it can certainly be classed as a marvel, even some the simplest of features or components, that might not sound big deal might happen to carry a lot of significance. All our queries or questions that concern any given aspect regarding automobile design is a result of some scientific reasoning put behind that particular design consideration. As a matter of fact, the answer to the curious fact that reasons even the high-end sedan cars miss out on a rear wiper, which is a sort of basic accessory which even the mid-sized hatchbacks get nowadays, surely sounds stirring.   

rear wiper in sedan car

In this article, we will explain the scientific reasoning behind this curious fact in straightforward and layman terms. 

Reasons why sedan misses out on rear-wipers:-

Car’s Airflow

While the rear windshield on the hatchback is a lot more erect, the rear windshield on the sedan happens to be tilted, the natural airflow over a sedan car is almost parallel to the rear windshield which means that it does not allow dirt deposition on the rear windshield for a sedan, the dirt from the tires rise no higher than the boot (since boot extension lies at some distance from the windshield) this means that almost every little dirt deposits on the rear windshield.

Whereas for a hatchback or even an SUV for that matter,  there practically does not exist any boot extension and so even the dirt from the tires will continue to get deposited on the rear windshield which lies in close vicinity of the boot lid and as stated as this rear windshield is a lot more upright even the airflow over the car does not help, advocating the need of a rear wiper for hatchbacks and SUV.

Cargo Design

The manner in which boot lid for the sedan opens up, the presence of a wiper will most definitely hamper the practicality of the larger boots that sedans otherwise offer. It will be difficult to open the cargo space in luggage in case the rear wiper is present.

On the contrary, the boot lid in the hatchback is connected with the boot lid and the presence of rear wipers do not hinder the practicality.

Minor hit on the fuel efficiency

Experts believe that addition of a wiper on the rear-windshield creates more aerodynamic drag which eventually ends up affecting the fuel economy (more is the air drag, more fuel consumption)

Furthermore, a rear-wiper will also require a separate mechanism for its operation, the wiping mechanism that requires a long arm for a larger windshield for the sedan (since the windshield is tilted) will be difficult to accommodate and will only mean increased costs     

Spoils the look

Well, we have already said a number of times that design depends on the subjective perception but for this particular assertion, we all would like to agree upon the fact that wipers on the rear windshield of a sedan do not look good.