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Toyota Glanza, Hyryder and Camry Get Expensive By Up To Rs 60,000

Toyota has hopped on the bandwagon of price hikes with the revision of prices on three of its cars & SUVs, namely the Glanza (premium hatchback), Hyryder (mid-size SUV), and Camry (executive sedan). Here’s see how much you’ll have to shell out more.

Toyota Glanza

Toyota GlanzaNew PricePremium of Price Hike
ERs 6.71 lakh+Rs 5,000
SRs 7.60 lakh+Rs 5,000
S AMTRs 8.15 lakh+Rs 5,000
S CNGRs 8.50 lakh+Rs 5,000
GRs 8.63 lakh+Rs 5,000
G AMTRs 9.18 lakh+Rs 5,000
G CNGRs 9.53 lakh+Rs 5,000
VRs 9.63 lakh+Rs 5,000
V AMTRs 9.99 lakhUnchanged
  • Except for the range-topping V AMT variant, the Toyota Glanza receives a uniform price hike of up to Rs 5,000 across the lineup.
  • With this, the Glanza now ranges from Rs 6.71 lakh to Rs 9.99 lakh (ex-showroom).

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Toyota Hyryder

Toyota Hyryder price
Toyota HyryderNew PricePremium of Price Hike
Mild-hybrid Variants
ERs 10.73 lakh+Rs 25,000
SRs 12.48 lakh+Rs 20,000
S CNGRs 13.43 lakh+Rs 20,000
S ATRs 13.68 lakh+Rs 20,000
GRs 14.36 lakh+Rs 2,000
G CNGRs 15.31 lakh+Rs 2,000
G ATRs 15.56 lakh+Rs 2,000
VRs 15.91 lakh+Rs 2,000
V AWDRs 17.21 lakh+Rs 2,000
V ATRs 17.11 lakh+Rs 2,000
Strong-hybrid Variants
SRs 16.21 lakh+Rs 60,000
GRs 18.24 lakh+Rs 25,000
VRs 19.74 lakh+Rs 25,000
Toyota Hyryder AWD in Snow | Gagan Choudhary
  • The mid-spec S hybrid variant of the Toyota Hyryder is the most affected by the price hike move, while the non-hybrid G and V trims are the least impacted.

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Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry Hybrid Drive Impressions | 50 lakhs 😳 | Gagan Choudhary
Toyota CamryNew PricePremium of Price Hike
Camry HybridRs 45.71 lakh+Rs 46,000


The price of the Toyota Camry hybrid sedan has been increased by Rs 46,000, making it cost Rs 45.71 lakh (ex-showroom).