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Top 5 Recommended Bike Accessories For Touring Purpose

The idea and an environment of touring has been catching up with Indian bikers in recent times. Much of it can be accredited to social media personalities and also the change of economic dynamic and market with more young buyers in the market. 

There is a wide range of motorcycles out there in the market in every segment, for a buyer who’d like to own a two-wheeler for long distances but what makes up the core of a tour is the accessories. You could have a great time on a relatively inexpensive vehicle with the right tools and things could turn out for worse without the essentials ( the term I’d rather use, considering their role ), even with the best motorcycles in the business.

motorcycle accessories for touring purpose

1) Puncture Repair Kit and Portable Pumps  

This is quite fundamental and something I did not really need to mention exclusively, because almost all of us have had our experiences with Indian roads. I first saw my father change tyre when I was 8 and dozens of time after that. It really passes on with us. But unfortunately, bikes don't have any spare tire. Hence, carrying a own puncture repair kit and a portable air pump will help you in fix the flat tyre. A portable pump is also helpful on long trips to maintain the right tyre pressure for a smooth ride.

On a serious note, this is something which could come into use anywhere and could save you a lot of trouble on the road and also save you from an unwanted hiccup in the ride.

2) Basic Tools

No matter how much you’ve spent on the “machine” it’s still a machine with a lot of moving parts in constant motion taking up heat, friction, collisions causing general wear and tear. It isn’t irrational to expect small mishaps needing your attention and it would help to carry out a quick fix or a minor replacement. Thus a basic toolkit would be really helpful to fix minor rattles.

basic motor cycles tools

These basic toolkits are easily available and even the most production bikes come equipped with some basics tools.

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3) Power Backup For Mobile Phone / Mobile Charger With Holder

Mobile phones are now fundamental to pretty much everything we do today. With abundant availability of data services everywhere it is indispensable to keep your phone up and running through your trip. They could help you with anything from handling emergency to of course something very basic like navigation.

mobile charger and holder for bikes

A lot of new motorcycles, in sync with your mobile devices, offer a plethora of safety, emergency and, convenience features. Thus it is necessary to have a power backup like a power bank (ample capacity) or better a holder with a socket that charges your phone simultaneously allowing perfect mounting settings.

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4) Saddlebags And Tank Bags

The need to carry just the required stuff with your usual luggage demands for smart and efficient luggage systems as well. These are compact, convenient and can carry anything you could think of putting to use on a trip.

saddle bags for motorcycles

Tank bags are mounted over the fuel tanks in such a way that they do not compromise on visibility, comfort or convenience and provide for a easily accessible storage space. They also come with transparent jackets too keep your phone in to see through providing protection from water and dust as well. You could keep other necessary electronic items in as well. As the name suggests, saddlebags go on the seats of the motorcycles providing extra space and also helping with aesthetics.

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5) Biking Armour and First Aid Kit

These are quite synonymous to the necessities and calling them accessories should not get you distracted from the point. A good riding gear brings out exponential decrement in fatigue at the end of a long day and also helps to keep you comfortable even under harsh conditions.

A biking suit with proper protection is at the core of safe and comfortable riding experience. They help to reduce the impact in case of a mishappening thus safeguarding you against serious injuries. And you could never be sure enough, hence a First-Aid is absolutely necessary.