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Tata Provides Clarification On Viral Advertisement Targeting MG Comet EV

Following the debut of MG Comet EV, a social media campaign surfaced online, taking aim at the new compact electric vehicle. This caused some stir between Tata Motors and MG. However, Tata has now come forward to clarify that they have played no part in producing or broadcasting the viral image.

This is the official statement from Tata Motors: –

Amidst the buzz surrounding the launch of the Comet EV, an image emerged online portraying MG’s latest offering as a cartoonish creation and seemingly taking a swipe at the Tiago EV. MG hit back with a string of ads that took direct aim at the Tiago EV, branding it as “old school,” a “taxi,” and a “hater.”

It’s no secret that companies tend to sing praises of their products in their advertisements. But if you’re seeking an unbiased comparison of how these two electric vehicles measure against each other, then look no further and head here.