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Tata Avinya to Expand as a EV Brand, Confirms Vivek Srivatsa

The Tata Avinya, which was unveiled as a concept in April 2022, will evolve into a premium EV brand featuring a full lineup of cars and SUVs. This exciting development has been confirmed by Vivek Srivatsa, Chief Commercial Officer at Tata Passenger Electric Mobility.

Here’s a glimpse into the latest updates: –

  • The Tata Avinya series of vehicles will be built on the brand’s Gen 3 EV architecture, utilising a purpose-designed electric skateboard platform. This platform could be derived from Jaguar Land Rover’s modular EMA architecture. However, it will be localised to ensure competitive pricing.
  • The Avinya range will occupy the higher end of Tata’s products. It will include various sizes and body styles, focusing primarily on SUVs and MPVs. The debut model from the Avinya series is anticipated to launch by late 2025.
  • According to Srivatsa, there will be some overlap with existing Tata EVs, but no strict price cap or rigid price differentiation.

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  • The Avinya series of models are expected to be manufactured at Tata’s upcoming facility in Tamil Nadu, following a substantial investment of Rs 9,000 crore. This plant could also serve as a production hub for Jaguar Land Rover electric vehicles.
  • Currently, it is unclear whether the Aviya brand will function as a separate entity from Tata Motors like Toyota and Lexus, or if it will operate as a sub-brand under Tata Motors like Mercedes and Maybach.

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Tata Avinya Concept Walk-around | Gagan Choudhary