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UP, Rajasthan, Haryana To Only Register CNG/Electric 3-Wheelers From January 2023

In order to reduce vehicular air pollution, the Commission for Air Quality Management (CAQM) has ordered the governments of Uttar Pradesh (UP), Rajasthan and Haryana to register only electric and CNG auto-rickshaws in their regions from January 2023. The CAQM has also ordered a complete phase-out of diesel auto-rickshaws in the National Capital Region (NCR) by…

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Maruti Suzuki Will Shut Its Manufacturing Plants To Make Oxygen Available For COVID19 Patients

India's leading passenger car manufacturer, Maruti Suzuki has decided to temporarily halt production at its Haryana-based manufacturing facility from 1st May to 9th May 2021, so that oxygen required in the factory could be used for medical purposes. Suzuki Motor Gujarat (Suzuki's first & only manufacturing plant wholly owned directly by Suzuki as a foreign company) has also taken…

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