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Royal Enfield increases their BS6 products price

The two-wheeler manufacturer from Chennai is currently one of the biggest players in the two-wheeler segment. Royal Enfield holds a special place in the Indian market which is very much attributed to personal emotions fueled by nostalgic remembrance. This has been reflected through their successful sales figures especially in the last few years, with their revival marked by acceptance of some nuances. Despite the costly maintenance, low reliability, and some overpriced products Royal Enfield has still maintained its position in the market and more so, seen optimistic growth.

The price rise 

Royal Enfield has hiked the prices of their Classic 350 and HImalyan’s BS6 offerings. The price hike weirdly consistent at Rs 2755. The Himalayan now retails at Rs 1,89,565 whereas the basic Classic 350 now stands at Rs 1,59,851. The change is uniform among all the variants and colour options.

Royal Enfield Himalayan

Colour New price Old price
Granite Black 1,89,565 1,86,811
Snow white 1,89,565 1,86,811
Sleet Grey 1,92,318 1,89,565
Gravel Grey 1,92,318 1,89,565
Rock Red 1,94,154 1,91,401
Lake Blue 1,94,154 1,91,401

*prices in Rs for Ex-showroom (delhi)


Royal enfield price hike BS6

Classic 350 Single-channel ABS

Colour New price Old price
Chestnut Red 1,59,851 1,57,097
Ash 1,59,851 1,57,097
Mercury Silver 1,59,851 1,57,097
Redditch Red 1,59,851 1,57,097


Classic 350 Dual-Channel ABS

Colour New Price Old Price
Classic Black 1,67,780 1,65,026
Airborne Blue 1,77,972 1,75,217
Stormrider Sand 1,77,972 1,75,217
Gunmetal Grey 1,81,327 1,78,573
Chrome Black 1,84,482 1,78,573
Stealth Black 1,84,482 1,81,727


Author’s Take

Royal Enfield price hikes are not rare. We see frequent small rises from the maker. This hike on two of their most remarkable product may be a consequence of the COVID pandemic or just the usual. Anyways, the rise seems non-remarkable in front of the prices these motorcycles are offered but they do matter when we consider the broader scheme of things. The market is now getting improved products every day from a huge array of brands with their USPs. Royal Enfield should be more considerate of the buyer and not exploit their popularity they should rather channel it to innovate.