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Renault Introduces New Modular Platform; Will Launch 8 New Models By 2027

Renault recently announced its “New International Game Plan 2027” in Brazil, introducing two new platforms for eight new models that will be launched outside Europe, including India, by 2027. Here are some noteworthy insights from Renault’s future plans: –

  • As mentioned above, the French marque will be launching eight new models and two new platforms globally by 2027, out of which one will be an ultra-flexible modular platform that will be localised for Indian buyers.
  • Apart from India, this new flexible platform will also be used in Latin America, Turkey, and Morocco.
  • According to Renault’s global VP, this new modular architecture will adapt vehicles of different sizes, measuring between 4 and 5 metres, with four potential wheelbase options from 2.6 to 3 metres.
Renault Kardian SUV
  • This new platform will also support a range of powertrains, including ICE (Internal Combustion Engines), LPG, flex-fuel, 48V mild-hybrid and full-hybrid.
  • It would also support both 2WD and 4WD systems.
  • Besides this modular platform, Renault will also introduce a new Compact Modular Architecture (CMA) platform, which will undergo localization in South Korea through a partnership with Geely and primarily serve to develop D- and E-segment cars.
  • Based on these platforms, Renault also showcased the Kardian SUV and Niagara Concept pickup.
  • The Renault Kardian SUV will be the first of 8 new proposed cars. It will debut a new 1.0-litre, 3-cylinder, direct-injection turbocharged petrol engine.
Renault Niagara Concept pickup
Renault Niagara Concept Pickup

In other news, the Renault-Nissan Group had previously announced a product plan to launch 6 new models in India by 2024-25. These models will belong to compact SUVs, EVs, and MPV segments. Among these vehicles, there is a possibility that the third-generation Renault Duster may be included, which is slated to be revealed on November 29, 2023.