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Ola Electric Responds On Front Fork Failure

Numerous reports have been made about the Ola S1 Pro’s front fork/suspension failing. Earlier this week, a Twitter user shared photos and video of his Ola S1 Pro after its front suspension cracked while his wife was riding it. A woman rider was seriously injured when her suspension failed on her own, causing her to fall off the scooter. Now, Ola Electric has responded to this tragic incident and released an official statement. It states: –

“Our preliminary investigation into the recent incident and our analysis has revealed that this was a case of a very high impact road accident. We are in touch with the customer and have extended all necessary support to the family. We are happy to share that the rider is safe and recovering.

At Ola, vehicle safety & quality standards are of the highest priority. The Ola S1 Pro is built with an uncompromising attention to quality in all aspects and has been rigorously tested over 5 million kms across challenging terrains and all weather conditions.

We have more than 150,000 vehicles running on the road and we have observed this in extremely isolated cases of high impact accidents involving the front fork arm, which is designed with a factor of safety that is 80% higher than typical loads encountered on vehicles.

To alleviate any concerns of our community members, we would be happy to get your scooter checked through our service network.

We sincerely urge everyone to strictly follow road safety protocols, always wear a good quality helmet and avoid riding on public roads without a valid driving license.”

As per the company, the scooter suffered a high-impact road accident; however, the user claims the speed was approximately 35 kmph when the front wheel just broke out of the suspension. The rider suffered injuries to an extent that she was in ICU. However, the rider is safe now and recovering from the injuries sustained.

Multiple other owners of the Ola S1 electric scooters also have voiced their dissatisfaction with the front fork/suspension failure in the past, with no mentions from the EV maker on the subject. There is a pretty good chance that some batches of the product are suffering from the issue.

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