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Nissan Magnite Vs Rivals: Price Comparison

Nissan India has recently launched its first sub-4m SUV in India, the Magnite at a killer price range of Rs 4.99 lakh to Rs 8.45 Lakh (ex-showroom), which makes it the most affordable sub-4m SUV in the country. Here, we have compared its variant-wise prices with the other offerings of the segment: – 

Nissan Magnite Vs Rivals: Price Comparison

1. Naturally Aspirated Petrol Variants (Manual)

Nissan Magnite

Kia Sonet

Hyundai Venue

Maruti Vitara Brezza

Ford EcoSport

Toyota Urban Cruiser

Honda WR-V

XE – Rs 4.99 lakh


XL – Rs 5.99 lakh


XV – Rs 6.68 lakh

HTE – Rs 6.71 lakh

E – Rs 6.75 lakh


XV with Tech Pack – Rs 7.07 Lakh


XV Premium- Rs 7.55 lakh

HTK – Rs 7.59 lakh

S – Rs 7.47 lakh

Lxi – Rs 7.34 lakh


XV Premium (O) – Rs 7.65 lakh


XV Premium/ Premium(O) with tech pack- Rs 7.94 lakh

HTK+ – Rs 8.45 lakh

S+ – Rs 8.39 lakh

Vxi -Rs 8.35 lakh

Ambiente – Rs 8.19 lakh

Mid – Rs 8.40 lakh

SV- Rs 8.49 Lakh


Zxi – Rs 9.10 lakh

Trend – Rs 8.99 lakh

High – Rs 9.15 lakh


Zxi+ – Rs 9.75 lakh

Titanium – Rs 9.78 lakh

Premium – Rs 9.80 lakh

VS / Exclusive Edition – Rs 9.69 Lakh


Titanium+/ Thunder Edition- Rs 10.68 lakh


S – Rs 11.23 lakh



2. Turbocharged Petrol Variants (Manual)


Nissan Magnite

Kia Sonet

Hyundai Venue

Tata Nexon

Mahindra XUV300

XL – Rs 6.99 lakh


XE – Rs 7 lakh


XV – Rs 7.68 lakh


XM – Rs 7.85 lakh

W4 – Rs 7.95 lakh

XV with Tech Package – Rs 8.07 lakh


XV Premium – Rs 8.45 lakh


XM(S) – Rs 8.37 lakh


XV Premium (O) – Rs 8.55 lakh (Rs 8.84 lakh with Tech Pack)


S – Rs 8.53 lakh

XZ – Rs 8.85 lakh

W6 – Rs 8.98 lakh


HTK+ iMT – Rs 9.49 lakh

SX – Rs 9.86 lakh

XZ+ – Rs 9.65 lakh


HTX iMT – Rs 9.99 lakh

SX iMT – Rs 10 lakh

XZ+(S) – Rs 10.25 lakh

W8 – Rs 9.90 lakh


SX(O) – Rs 10.92 lakh

XZ+(O) – Rs 10.55 lakh

W8 (O) – Rs 10.97 lakh


HTX+ iMT – Rs 11.65 lakh

SX(O) iMT – Rs 11.15 lakh


GTX+ iMT – Rs 11.99 lakh


2. Turbocharged Petrol Variants (Automatic)

Nissan Magnite

Kia Sonet

Hyundai Venue

Tata Nexon

Maruti Vitara Brezza

Ford EcoSport

Toyota Urban Cruiser

XL (CVT) – Rs 7.89 lakh


XV (CVT) – Rs 8.58 lakh 


XMA – Rs 8.45 lakh


XV (CVT) With Tech Package – Rs 8.94 lakh


XMA(S) – Rs 8.97 lakh


XV Premium (CVT)- Rs 9.35 lakh


S DCT – Rs 9.67 lakh


Vxi – Rs 9.75 lakh


Mid – Rs 9.80 lakh

XV Premium(O) (CVT) – Rs 9.45 lakh

HTK+ DCT – Rs 10.49 lakh


XZA – Rs 10.25 lakh/ XZA+(S) – Rs 10.85 lakh

Zxi – Rs 10.50 lakh

Titanium – Rs 10.68 lakh

High – Rs 10.65 lakh

XV Premium/ Premium (O) (CVT) with Tech pack – Rs 9.74 lakh 


SX+ DCT – Rs 11.48 lakh

XZA+(O) – Rs 11.15 lakh

Zxi+ – Rs 11.15 lakh

Titanium+ – Rs 11.58 lakh

Premium – Rs 11.30 lakh


GTX+ DCT – Rs 12.89 lakh


Nissan Magnite Vs Rivals: Engine Specification Comparison

Nissan Magnite is available with two petrol engine options: a 1.0-litre naturally aspirated and a 1.0-litre turbocharged unit. Here are the performance ratings: – 


Nissan Magnite

Kia Sonet

Hyundai Venue 

Maruti Vitara Brezza / Toyota Urban Cruiser

Tata Nexon

Ford EcoSport

Mahindra XUV300

Honda WR-V

Engine (Petrol)


1.0-liter turbo


1.0-litre turbo


1.0-litre turbo


1.2-litre turbo


1.2-litre turbo

1.2-litre petrol

Max Power












Max Torque


160Nm/ 152Nm










Gearbox Options

5-speed MT

5-speed MT/ CVT

5-speed MT

6-speed iMT/ 7-speed DCT

5-speed MT/ 6-speed MT

 6-speed iMT, 7-speed DCT

5-speed MT / 4-speed AT

6-speed MT / 6-speed AMT

5-speed MT / 6-speed AT

6-speed MT

5-speed MT



20kmpl / 17.7kmpl


18.2kmpl / 18.3kmpl

17.03kmpl / 18.76kmpl 

15.9kmpl / 14.7kmpl 



Takeaways: – 

  • Since the Magnite is only available with petrol engines, hence we’ve only compared the petrol trims. 
  • The Tech Package available with the Nissan's offering is a bunch of dealer specific accessories that include wireless charging pad, air purifier, ambient lighting, welcome puddle lamp and a premium JBL sound system. This pack is priced at Rs 38,698 and is only available from the XV variant onwards. 

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  • It is clear from the above tables that the Nissan Magnite is the least expensive car among all with each powertrain options. 
  • The Magnite undercuts the Kia Sonet's base variant by a huge margin of Rs 1.72 lakh, which was the cheapest car until now. 
  • The starting price difference between Magnite and segment's best-seller Maruti Vitara Brezza is Rs 2.35 lakh, while the difference with the Hyundai Venue's base trim is Rs 1.76 lakh. 
  • The Toyota Urban Cruiser and Honda WR-V have the highest base price in this segment as both these cars come better equipped than the base & mid variants of most of their rivals. 
  • As far as the turbocharged models are concerned, the Magnite continues to be the most affordable option and quite a par with the Nexon's base trim. Magnite's top-line turbo variant also undercut all its competitors by a huge margin.
  • With the choice of an automatic gearbox, the Magnite is once again the most affordable option here undercutting the Tata Nexon by Rs 56,000 that comes with AMT, which is not even a true automatic transmission.
  • It is important to note that the Magnite's Naturally Aspirated 1.0-litre engine is the least powerful (72PS) powertrain here, whereas the Ford EcoSport offers the maximum power (122PS) among all.

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  • In terms of transmission options, Magnite, Sonet and Venue only come with a manual gearbox if the naturally aspirated engine is concerned. Whereas Magnite's turbo engine gets CVT automatic option. Kia and Hyundai offer the turbo units of their respective SUVs with both a 7-speed DCT and a 6-speed clutchless manual gearbox (intelligent manual transmission). 
  • The Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza and Toyota Urban Cruiser get a 4-speed and Ford EcoSport gets a 6-speed torque converter automatic transmission choices, while Tata Nexon gets a 6-speed AMT.
  • Honda WR-V & Mahindra XUV300 are the only cars in the segment that does not get any automatic gearbox option with a petrol engine.

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