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Datsun Redi-Go Vs Maruti S-Presso: Which One Should You Buy?

The new Redi-Go has churned up the market. It has added spice to the very competitive, key-to-the-household segment. The range of variants through which Datsun Redi-Go is sold makes it stand in competition with quite a spectrum. For instance, the base model is cheaper than India’s sweetheart Maruti Suzuki’s Alto whereas the top variant almost brings it in close competition with the S-Presso. We are going to discover this competition let us see who trumps (at least on paper), the key to India’s heart.

2020 Datsun Redi GO vs Maruti S-Presso: Design

2020 maruti s-presso vs Datsun Redi GO: comparison


We cannot emphasize enough on the subjectivity of this matter of discussion and especially with two cars that bring in their own unique characteristics to the table. The decision lies much on you. But for a perspective, The choice you make here is between the time-appropriate design with lines and curves defining the body language throughout, which the Redi-Go offers. Maruti played safe with keeping simple, though S-Presso does not equip the design appeal of modern time, it throws off a mini SUV vibe with its broad front giving it a ‘bigger car feel’.

2020 Datsun redi go

But for me, the nuances with the Redi-Go with generously sized DRLs, sleek and stylish design with bumper tweaks help its cause here.

Let's now have a look at the dimensions of both cars: –

 2020 Datsun Redi-GOMaruti S-Presso
Length3435 mm3565 mm
Width1574 mm1520 mm
Height1546 mm1564 mm
Wheelbase2348 mm2380 mm
Boot space222 L270 L


maruti s-presso

Except for the width, the 2020 Redi-go is smaller in every other aspect. However, it's more breadth will contribute in a better shoulder room, atleast on paper. On the cabin space & boot capacity, the S-Presso is far ahead then the Redi GO. 


Again both the cars have specific design features with their interior and also different intentions. S-Presso tends to throw at you the funky aspect with round fluorescent inserts and also center-mounted instrument cluster. The Redi-Go, on the other hand, has a more premium and sophisticated appeal with dual-tone interiors with silver inserts. The cabin on the Redi-Go feels a bit more upmarket.


As both cars are of the entry-level segment, so we cannot expect premium goodies in them. However, both come with essential comfort, convenience & esthetical features what increase their appeal & practicality. 

Common Features On Both Cars

Front power windows, power steering, manual AC, remote central locking, internally adjustable ORVM, touchscreen infotainment with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone connectivity, Bluetooth, USB and aux-in connectivity, dual front airbag, ABS with EBD, rear parking sensors, speed alert system & seatbelt reminder.

datsun redi go features

Stand-out Features Of Datsun Redi Go Facelift

Body colored bumper, infotainment of 8 inches, L-shaped LED DRLs, LED fog lamps, rear parking camera & tinted glass. 

maruti s-presso interior & features

Stand-out Features Of Maruti S-Presso

Infotainment of 7 inches, Centrally mounted digital Instrument cluster, steering mounted audio & telephony controls. 

Here the Redi-Go seems to take a lead in the features criteria with the plethora of equipment and features on offer. It takes the cake with a bigger infotainment system, LED DRLs, and LED fog lamps, tinted glass, rear parking camera. The Redi-Go takes on some offerings from the higher segments with the nuances it has on-offer. The feature is thus a stronghold for the new Redi-Go. By no matter, does the S-Presso fall short. It comes at a decent standing in the segment but Datsun took out some big guns with the new Redi-Go so it earns the point here.

Safety features have an important effect now with free information transfer, standard guidelines, and a smarter and informed customer base who understand the product. Both cars follow the latest safety guidelines offering driver-side airbag as standard and ABS with EBD. The cars stand pretty much on the same pedestal with a small exception as mentioned. To see on the safety front is the effect of mechanical tweaks Datsun claims to have done on the Redi-Go to comply with NCAP standards.

Note: Here the comparison is based on the features equipped in their top variants.

Engine options


 Datsun Redi GoMaruti S-Presso
Engine1.0L, 3-cylinder Petrol1.0L, 3-cylinder Petrol
Peak Power68 PS68 PS
Peak Torque91 Nm90 Nm
Transmission5-Speed MT/AMT5-Speed MT/AMT
Mileage21.7 kmpl (MT), 22 kmpl (AMT)21.7 kmpl (MT/AMT)


We do not have much to discuss here. The cars are exactly the same on paper with 1.0L engines. Fuel Efficiency or Mileage Figures for RediGo and Spresoo Manual is the same 21.7 kmpl but with AMT, Redi-Go Claims 22kmpl, while S-press claims 21.7 kmpl. Not a big difference but, it all depends on what they really deliver on the road. Both cars come with their own mechanical flaws. 

The Redi Go also comes with a 0.8L petrol engine with 5-speed manual transmission, which produces 54bhp of max power and 72Nm of peak torque. 

datsun redi go price & mileage


The Indian families, which is indeed the main sect to which these cars are targeted at, look for the fulfillment of practicality needs with their daily city commute and seasonal trips. The S-Presso seems to lead on this front, with a bigger boot (270L against Redi-Go's 240L boot), generous storage spaces, and also a rear parcel tray. But the Datsun Redi-Go comes with a wider cabin so there comes a decision in your hands about which of these suit your needs better.


The variants we have referred to during the comparison are top of the line trims of both the S-Presso and the Redi-Go. We cannot really compare the lower trims because of the huge difference which glares right at our faces in case of the Redi-Go with a smaller engine and honestly no intended competition. The top of the line, feature-loaded, automatic variants are priced at Rs 4.77 lakh for Datsun Redi-Go and almost Rs 5 lakh for the S-Presso. That is around a quarter of a lakh rupees difference with Redi-Go offering better value.

maruti s-presso price & mileage

Which one should you go for?

Both the cars, though similarly priced and at similar performance standings carry different intentions. The S-Presso on one hand carries a quirky millennial vibe, the Redi-Go seems a bit more sophisticated in the cabin. Both the brands have been generous with features but Datsun went all-in with some segment-firsts and many other pleasant surprises. However, the S-Presso stands strong on the practicality front.

The Redi-Go though offers a better value for the heavy loaded package.