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Bajaj Pulsar, Dominar And Avenger Range Receive Price Hike

After Hero, Yamaha, and Royal Enfield, Bajaj Auto has also joined the price hike bandwagon and announced new rates of its entire Pulsar, Dominar, and Avenger lineup. Here are the latest prices: – 

Bajaj Pulsar RS200 price

1. Bajaj Dominar Range: – 



New Price

Old Price


Bajaj Dominar 250

Rs 1,70,720

Rs 1,67,718

Rs 3,002

Bajaj Dominar 400

Rs 2,02,755

Rs 1,99,755

Rs 3,000

  • Prices of both bikes have been revised by Rs 3,000. With this, the Bajaj Dominar 400 has almost touched the Rs 2 lakh mark for the first time. Desite this, it is still much more affordable than the KTM 390 Duke, which is priced at Rs 2,75,92 (ex-showroom). 

2. Bajaj Avenger Range: – 



New Price

Old Price


Bajaj Avenger Street 160

Rs 1,04,339

Rs 1,02,592

Rs 1,747

Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220

Rs 1,27,635

Rs 1,24,634

Rs 3,001

  • The price of Bajaj Avenger series have gone up by up to Rs 3000. Despite this, the Avenger Street 160 continues to be the most affordable cruiser of the country. 

3. Bajaj Pulsar Range 

Bajaj Pulsar prices


New Price

Old Price


Bajaj Pulsar 125

  • standard (drum/disc): Rs 73,363/Rs 79,693
  • split seat (drum/disc): Rs 76,045/Rs 82,989
  • standard (drum/disc): Rs 71,616/Rs 77,946
  • split seat (drum/disc): Rs 74,298/Rs 81,242

Rs 1,747

Bajaj Pulsar 150 Neon

Rs 95,872

Rs 94,125

Rs 1,747

Bajaj Pulsar 150

Rs 1,01,818

Rs 1,00,070

Rs 1,748

Bajaj Pulsar 150 Twin Disc

Rs 1,04,819

Rs 1,03,072

Rs 1,747

Bajaj Pulsar 180

Rs 1,09,651

Rs 1,07,904

Rs 1,747

Bajaj Pulsar NS160

Rs 1,11,834

Rs 1,10,086

Rs 1,748

Bajaj Pulsar 220FRs 1,28,250Rs 1,25,248Rs 3,002

Bajaj Pulsar NS200

Rs 1,35,226

Rs 1,33,222

Rs 2,004

Bajaj Pulsar RS200 Rs 1,57,184Rs 1,52,179Rs 5,005


  • Almost all motorcycles of Pulsar series have received a uniform price hike, except for the Pulsar NS200, Pulsar RS200, and Pulsar 220F. Interestingly, the brand has also hiked the prices of newly launched Pulsar 180. 
  • The Pulsar RS200 has received the highest jump of Rs 5,005, which is very extreme for a bike that hasn't witnessed any valuable update since its launch.