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Bajaj Dominar And Pulsar Range Prices Hiked By Up to Rs 2,000

Joining the list of other manufacturers, Bajaj Auto has also announced a price increment for its entire Pulsar & Dominar line-up. So, if you’re planning to buy a new Bajaj bike, get ready to dig deep into your pockets.

Here check out the new price list: –

1. Bajaj Pulsar Range


New Price

Old Price


Pulsar 125 

Neon Drum: Rs 71,616

Neon Disc: Rs 77,946

Split Seat disc: Rs 81,242

Split Seat drum: Rs 74,298

Neon Drum: Rs 72,122

Neon Disc: Rs 76,922

Split Seat disc: Rs 80,218

Split Seat drum: Rs 73,274

Neon Drum: Rs – 506

Neon Disc: Rs 1,024

Split Seat disc: Rs 1,024

Split Seat drum: Rs 1,024

Pulsar 150

Neon: Rs 94,125

Standard: Rs 1,01,082

Twin Disc: Rs 1,04,979

Neon: Rs 92,627

Standard: Rs 99,584

Twin Disc: Rs 1,03,482

Neon: Rs 1,498 

Standard: Rs 1,498

Twin Disc: Rs 1,497

Pulsar NS160

Rs 1,10,086

Rs 1,08,589

Rs 1497

Pulsar 180F

Rs 1,14,515

Rs 1,13,018

Rs 1,497

Pulsar N200

Rs 1,33,222

Rs 1,31,219

Rs 2,003

Pulsar 220F

Rs 1,25,248

Rs 1,23,245

Rs 2,003

2. Bajaj Dominar Range 


New Price

Old Price


Bajaj Dominar 250

Rs 1,67,718

Rs 1,65,715

Rs 2,003

Bajaj Dominar 400

Rs 1,67,718

Rs 1,97,758

Rs 1,997

*All prices, ex-showroom Delhi.

Takeaways: –

  • Bajaj hasn’t mentioned any reason for the price jump, it is possibly due to the increasing input cost in manufacturing. 
  • Prices of all the Pulsar and Dominar models have been increased by up to Rs 2,003.
  • It is important to note that while the rates of all models have gone up, the price of the Pulsar 125 Neon Drum variant has been reduced by around Rs 500.
  • There are no mechanical or cosmetic changes apart from the price revision.