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2022 Kia Sonet Launched – Better Safety, More Features

Kia Motors has updated the Sonet for 2022. Now priced between Rs 7.15 lakh to Rs 13.79 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi), the sub-4m SUV has received new features and updated color choices. Here are the details: –

2022 Kia Sonet – What’s New?

– Kia has now made four airbags and a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) standard across its lineup. Also, the HTX+ will now come with 6 airbags, which was earlier restricted to the top-spec GTX+ trim.

– The turbo-iMT equipped HTK+ trim gains features like hill assist, brake assist, electronic stability control, and vehicle stability management, which was earlier offered from the HTX diesel trim onwards. 

– Inside, the base-spec HTE variant of the Sonet now sports new semi-leatherette seats, replacing the fabric seats. Besides, the HTX and its Anniversary Edition will now feature a new 4.2-inch semi-digital instrument cluster. Kia has also switched the fabric loops with new pull-black knobs for folding the rear seats.

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– The Korean carmaker has also rebranded the Kia UVO connected car tech as ‘Kia Connet’.

– The SUV also receives two new color options: Imperial Blue and Sparkling Silver. Additionally, the font style of the Sonet logo has been updated now.

– With all these changes, the prices of Kia Sonet have gone up by up to Rs 30,000. Here’s a look at the variant-wise new prices: –


Petrol VariantsOld PriceRevised Price
1.2HTERs 6.95 lakhRs 7.15 lakh
1.2 HTKRs 7.95 lakhRs 8.15 lakh
1.2 HTK+Rs 8.79 lakhRs 9.05 lakh
1.0 HTK+ iMTRs 9.89 lakhRs 9.99 lakh
1.0 HTX iMTRs 10.49 lakhRs 10.79 lakh
1.0 HTX Anniversary Edition iMTRs 10.89 lakhRs 11.19 lakh
1.0 HTX+ iMTRs 11.89 lakhRs 12.09 lakh
1.0 HTX+ iMT (Dual Tone)Rs 11.99 lakhRs 12.19 lakh
1.0 GTX+ iMTRs 12.35 lakhRs 12.45 lakh
1.0 GTX+ iMT (Dual Tone)Rs 12.45 lakhRs 12.55 lakh
1.0 HTX DCTRs 11.09 lakhRs 11.39 lakh
1.0 HTX DCT Anniversary EditionRs 11.49 lakhRs 11.79 lakh
1.0 GTX+ DCTRs 12.99 lakhRs 13.09 lakh
1.0 GTX+ DCT (Dual Tone)Rs 13.09 lakhRs 13.19 lakh
Kia Sonet petrol Variants price list


Diesel VariantOld PriceRevised Price
HTERs 8.65 lakhRs 8.89 lakh
HTKRs 9.59 lakhRs 9.69 lakh
HTK+Rs 10.09 lakhRs 10.35 lakh
HTXRs 10.89 lakhRs 11.19 lakh
HTX Anniversary EditionRs 11.29 lakhRs 11.59 lakh
HTX ATRs 11.69 lakhRs 11.99 lakh
HTX AT Anniversary EditionRs 12.09 lakhRs 12.39 lakh
HTX+Rs 12.39 lakhRs 12.49 lakh
HTX+ (Dual Tone)Rs 12.49 lakhRs 12.59 lakh
GTX+Rs 12.85 lakhRs 12.85 lakh
GTX+ (Dual Tone)Rs 12.95 lakhRs 12.95 lakh
GTX+ ATRs 13.59 lakhRs 13.69 lakh
GTX+ AT (Dual Tone)Rs 13.69 lakhRs 13.79 lakh
Kia Sonet diesel Variants price list