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Year End Offers: Get Benefits Up To Rs 70,000 On Renault Kwid, Triber & Duster

The final offers for December 2020 are out and the French carmaker, Renault is offering benefits of up to Rs 70,000 on the Kwid, Triber & Duster. Let’s have a detailed look at the individual offers, which are valid till 31st December 2020.

Renault cars december 2020 offers


Cash Discounts

Exchange Bonus

Corporate Discount / Rural offers

Loyalty Bonus


Up to Rs 20,000 (on RXL AMT variant)

Up to Rs 15,000 (all other variants except STD & RXE 0.8L variants)

Up to Rs 15,000 – (except STD & RXE 0.8L variants)

Up to Rs. 9,000 (Corporate) / Rs. 5,000 (Rural) – (except STD & RXE 0.8L variants)

Up to Rs. 10,000


Up to Rs 20,000 (on AMT Variants)

Up to Rs 10,000 (on RXL/RXT/RXZ MT variants)

Rs. 20,000 (except RXE variant)

Up to Rs. 9,000 (Corporate) / Rs. 5,000 (Rural) – (except RXE variant)

Up to Rs. 10,000

Duster (1.5L model) 

Up to Rs 30,000 (on RXS & RXZ variant)

Up to Rs 30,000 (Corporate) / Up to Rs 15,000 (Rural) – (except RXE variant)

Up to Rs 20,000

Duster (1.3L Turbocharged model)

Up to Rs 20,000 (on RXS CVT & MT variants only) 

Up to Rs 30 000 (on RXS & RXZ variant)

Up to Rs 30,000 (Corporate) / Up to Rs 15,000 (Rural) – (except RXE variant)

Up to Rs 20,000


Note: – 

  • It is important to note that a particular buyer would be eligible for any one of the corporate or rural discount.
  • Loyalty bonuses can either be availed in the form of an exchange bonus or as a cash discount if they buy another Renault model. 
  • The offer's price may vary depending upon the variant and city. Hence, we request you to contact your nearest Renault dealership for precise details. 

Additional Offers: –

Apart from the above-mentioned offers, the brand is also offering some additional offers on these cars, which are as follows: – 

1. Renault Kwid

renault kwid offers

  • Renault is also offering an easy finance scheme on Kwid this month at a special interest rate of 0%, which will be calculated on a loan amount of Rs 1.3 lakh for a tenure of 12 months. The interest rate may vary based on the loan amount & tenure. 
  • In case Renault Finance is not available in the state, an additional exchange bonus of Rs 5,000 will be given to the buyers. 

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2. Renault Triber

renault triber offers

  • Like the entry-level Kwid hatchback, the easy finance scheme is also available on the Triber MPV through Renault Finance at a special rate of 0%, which is calculated on a loan amount of Rs 2.31 lakh for a tenure of 12 months. 
  • The rate of interest is subject to the loan amount and tenure opted for. This interest rate will not apply to the additional loan amount and tenure. 
  • If Renault Finance services are not available in your state, then the customers will be entitled to get an additional exchange benefit of Rs 5,000.  

3. Renault Duster

  • Renault is also offering an Easy-Care Package of 3 years or 50,000 km with the 1.3L turbocharged model. However, the offer is only available for the existing Duster owners who are willing to buy an additional Duster 1.3L Turbo or exchanging their current Duster (any variant) for the new 1.3L turbocharged model. 

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