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Yamaha FZS-FI V3 Gets Bluetooth Connectivity

Yamaha India has updated the FZ-S Fi V3 Darknight trim with Bluetooth connectivity named as "Yamaha Motorcycle Connect X". The Bluetooth equipped Darknight variant is priced at Rs 1,07,700 (ex-showroom Delhi). At this price point, it is Rs 2,500 costlier than its previous iteration. All the other Yamaha models will get the same update soon. 

yamaha FZS Fi price

The Yamaha Connect X system allows you to connect your smartphone to the bike via Bluetooth using the 'Yamaha Motorcycle Connect X' app on your android or iOS mobile. The app requires you to sign up and register your vehicle.

The key features of Yamaha Connect X are as follows:- 

  • Locate My Bike – As the name suggests, this feature will help you to locate your bike in parking lots by enabling the indicators to illuminate for 10 seconds. And if the parking space is too big to find your bike, then you can also use the Answer Back function. 
  • Answer Back – The answer back is again a bike locating feature which starts the indicators blinking and make the horn beep twice. 
  • E-Lock – This is a security feature that allows the rider to set a secret lock pattern (using an indicator combination) to lock/unlock the motorcycle to prevent theft. 

yamaha FZS Fi darknight edition

  • Hazard – Upon clicking this feature, all the indicators will start blinking continuously, alerting the fellow riders around. 
  • Parking Record – It shows a route map from your current location to where you've parked the motorcycle. 
  • Riding History – Here you can see your individual ride details including stats like average speed, distance covered, brake counts (the number of times brakes were applied during a trip), and battery voltage. 

The existing customers of FZ or FZS S-Fi can also get these features as an accessory from any Yamaha dealer at some additional cost.

Author's Take

Yamaha has added some unique features to the bike, but still, it lacks turn-by-turn navigation and call/SMS alerts function, which is pretty disappointing. The TVS Ntorq scooter offering this feature for years, and recently, Suzuki has also introduced a Bluetooth-equipped instrument cluster with the Access 125 and Burgman Street scooters.

Yamaha Motorcycle Connect X