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Types Of Road / Lane Markings In India

Roads are extremely important; they pretty much enable us to commute in our vehicles with ease. Roads are actually quite complex and are divided into various categories, and not just based on the components which go into making them. There is much bigger planning and strategy behind roads with various different markings which determine the rules and actions which are permitted.

They are strategically planned and placed across the country to suit the location they are in, as hill driving is much different than highway driving, different road markings help indicate what style of driving you should follow.

There are 5 main categories of road/lane markings in the country:

Broken White Line

The most common type of marking that permits you to overtake, perform a U-Turn and change your lane only if the other lane is clear.

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Constant Running White Line

continuous white line lane marking
Continuous White Lane marking

The second most common type of marking, largely seen in hilly areas. On such roads, you are not permitted to overtake, perform a U-Turn and change your lane as such maneuvers are considered quite dangerous. While plying on these roads, you must stick to your lane and move in a queue.

Broken Yellow Line

broken yellow line lane marking

The most lenient road markings, if you see a broken yellow line you are free to perform all sorts of manoeuvres, provided it is safe to do so.

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Constant Running Yellow Line

These lines are used on roads where visibility is low. Crossing the yellow line for either lane is strictly prohibited.

Constant Running Double Yellow Line

Double Yellow line Lane marking

The strictest road markings, when there is a double yellow line continuously running through the center of the road, maneuvers like U-Turn, overtaking, and lane change are prohibited. They are prevalent in places deemed with a high probability of accidents and disasters.

जानिये सड़क पे बने चित्रों (Markings) का मतलब।