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Suzuki Revised The Pricing Of Intruder & Gixxer Motorcycle Range!

Suzuki Motorcycles India has recently hiked the prices of BS6 Intruder & Gixxer range. After the BS6 update, it was the first when the brand has hiked the prices. Here check out the model-wise new pricing:-

bs6 suzuki intruder price

BS6 Suzuki Intruder Price:


Old BS6 Price (in Rs)

New BS6 Price (in Rs)




bs6 suzuki gixxer SF price

BS6 Suzuki Gixxer Range Prices:


Old BS6 Price (in Rs)

New BS6 Price (in Rs)




Gixxer SF



Gixxer SF MotoGP



Gixxer 2501,63,4001,65,441
Gixxer SF 2501,74,4001,76,140
Gixxer SF 250 MotoGP1,74,9001,76,941

On all these bikes, Suzuki has imposed a price hike of Rs. 2,000 approx. The company hasn't shared the reason for increasing the cost.  It is to note that, for this premium, Suzuki hasn't made any mechanical or goodies changes in bikes.

Now the issue is that this hike does not really help Suzuki’s case within a competition, especially in the 160cc segment.  Almost all motorcycle brands in India offer a product, in this division with a decent feature list and good engine performance, even better than Gixxer in some cases. The recent addition to the 160cc segment, Hero Xtreme 160R offers a better engine, compared to Gixxer's 13bhp, at a considerably lower price. Suzuki also offers this same engine in Intruder. 

TVS’s Apache 160 4V presents a similar case, with almost the same pricing and being a class apart with a powerful 4-valve, 15.6bhp engine on offer. Thus, this price hike though seems a small one on the surface, is pretty significant. It makes Gixxer from costly to even costlier. The motorcycle is already the most expensive offering in the segment.

bs6 Suzuki gixxer 150 price

Author’s Take

Gixxer ranges have always been a competitive addition to an already cut-throat segment in the Indian two-wheeler industry. The product range has its fair share and position in the market. Which could be attributed to its generous feature list. Its decent performer punchy & refined engine makes it a great commute choice and could serve occasional short trip purposes as well. But the positive aspects of the products seem to be getting overshadowed by its price hike.  As mentioned earlier also, the latest price addition will do no good, purely due to the fact that Gixxer belongs to a highly competitive segment.