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Royal Enfield Launched 800 Service Bikes For Doorstep Checks

Royal Enfield has introduced a doorstep service facility for its customers. The prominent manufacturer has announced its "Service on Wheels'' initiative under which the company has deployed 800 motorcycles which are customized in order to deliver basic checkup, maintenance & repair services on the doorstep.

Royal Enfield Doorstep bike service

One thing which is pretty well established in the Indian two-wheeler market is that Royal Enfield motorcycles are maintenance intensive. On a positive note, the Royal Enfield market has a revival in the market with the manufacturer adopting modern components into their product design and ideology. 

Royal Enfield Service On Wheels

Royal Enfield has launched a fleet of 800 motorcycles, carrying equipment, and maintaining tools that will undertake up to 80% of maintenance tasks without the need to go to a workshop. This is a very appreciable move especially during the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.

Other than this, the motorcycles will be equipped to test critical components and also carry out an electrical diagnosis kit plus some spare parts. These services will be available at locations preferred by the customers and be delivered by trained technicians.

In his statement, Mr Lalit Kumar, the Cheif Commercial Officer of the brand, promised a hassle-free service execution with no compromise on service quality. The brand has also assured proper protection measures in place.

Author’s take

Right off the bat, it is a very appreciable move from Royal Enfield. It bringing in a lot of conveniences to the customers so it is well established a customer welfare move. Other than that, it also helps in positive image building for a company which is criticized of going numb to consumer’s demands. And one which has taken a fair share of time in catching up with the technical and new world bells and whistles.

These motorcycles are of course from the brand itself, thus it also helps to show off their product abilities. Thus this move also gives the brand a good marketing opportunity.