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Photon, Electric Royal Enfield developed in the UK

As we all know that EVs are the need of the hour in this world today in order to promote the safety of the environment and a lot of automobile companies are coming forward in order to achieve this objective and some have shown some brilliant progress and accomplishments.

Recently, Newtown (Town in Powys, Wales) based Electric Classic Cars has produced a one-off electric Royal Enfield motorcycle.

royal enfield electric bike

Royal Enfield Photon: Specification & Features

Following are some of its features:-

  • The company initially hinted a 25kW motor but as per, power from the single motor mounted on rear wheel hub is 12kW which is coupled to four 2.5kWh lithium-ion batteries producing a maximum power of 16 bhp. The battery can be charged from 0-100% in 90 minutes.
  • It claims a range of about 128 km and a top speed of around 112 km/hr.
  • The main feature to notice is the newly placed battery as the bike looks almost identical to a petrol-powered bullet as the chassis and suspension components have been kept the same. Also, the weight hasn't been altered much. 
  • The bike is finished in a British Racing Green color with gold stripes in contrast to body finished in gloss black which gives the bike a classy and a retro look with a leather seat finished in tan.

Royal enfield photon

The company initially said it will be having a peak power of 25kW.

As far as pricing goes, while the regular RE is priced £4,699 (approx. Rs 4.45 lakh) in the UK but this Photon will cost an estimated whooping price of around £20,000 (almost Rs 19 lakh).

Will it take the route to India?

Since RE manufacturer all its bikes here in India, they are cheaper here than the other markets, now exporting it to the UK, converting it in electric and then importing would attract a lot of taxes and logistic charges. It will be much more sensible to buy the electric kit from "Electric Classic Cars", if they sell, and modify it here in India itself.