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Ola MoveOS 4 To Be Roll Out In October 2023

Ola Electric has announced to roll out the new MoveOS 4 by the end of October 2023. However, its beta version will be introduced on September 15 for select customers. The new software will pack a host of new features and improved user interface.

Here’s a look at what the upcoming moveOS 4 has in store: –

MoveOS 4 is here. You ready?
  • New Navigation Software: Ola has designed a new in-house navigation system dubbed “OLA MAPS”. It will replace the ongoing “MapMyIndia” maps.
  • Tamper Alert System: In case of tampering with the scooter, it will send alerts to the owner and bystanders.
  • Garage Mode: This will allow the Ola owner to control one or more Ola scooters through a single app.
  • Geofencing: A location-based technology that uses the GPS system to create a virtual boundary for the vehicle.
  • Timefencing: A time-based trigger/restriction to control specific functions or features of a vehicle.
  • Concert mode: An advanced version of party mode, which makes all the lights of the scooter flash and sync with the music played through its system. The concert mode will let users sync their scooters with other Ola scooters to create a concert-like feeling.
  • Hill descent control: A safety feature which assists the riders when descending steep slopes.
  • Personalized proximity settings: This will let customers customise the setting of proximity locks at their convenience.
  • Auto turn indicator cut-off: This feature will automatically turn off the indicators after the completion of a turn or a lane change.

Other features: Apart from the above-mentioned features, the new moveOS 4.0 will also offer faster touch response, biometric app lock support, faster syncing, headphone call & music controls, improved brake regen technology, new trip meters, dark mode, riding journal, and improved hill hold control, app widgets, enhanced hyper charging, improved hill descent control, vacation mode from the app, along with more controls within the mobile app.

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