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Now Shillong Traffic Police Will Fine For Improper Use Of Hazard Lamps

There are many features or functions associated with automobiles that we often misuse knowingly or unknowingly. It mainly including horns, sunroofs, speakers, ORVM, high beams and hazard lamps, etc. Realizing its seriousness, the Shillong (Meghalaya) traffic police have issued a warning to drivers for inappropriate use of hazard lamps. The police also stated about charging penalties in case of violations of the courses under section 177 of the Motor Vehicle Act. 

when to use hazard lamp

The Shillong traffic police have found that motorists misusing their hazard warning lights to indicate driving straight ahead at junctions. In an attempt to teach drivers, they have also shared a Facebook post to educate motorists about the use and misuse of hazard warning lamps. 

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What is section 177 of the Motor Vehicle Act?

Section 177 of the Motor Vehicles Act comprises general provision for punishment of offenses, according to which if someone violates any provision of this Act or any rule, regulation, or notification made thereunder then a penalty of up to Rs 100 is imposed for committing the offense on the first occasion, while on consequent offense, it may extend up to Rs 300.

How hazard lights should be used?

Hazard lights are basically the warning lamps to indicate other fellow vehicles that you are stationary or have parked your vehicle. It helps the traffic to be informed of your position on the road. It can also be used if a vehicle is in a critical state/position on the road, such as an accident or breakdown.

Most of the Indians use hazard lights while driving through bad weather, which is seriously a bad practice, and you should avoid doing this.