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Now Shell Out Up To Rs 43,000 More For MG Hector And Hector Plus

With the start of a new financial year, MG Motors has hiked the prices of Hector and Hector Plus SUVs for the third time this year. The prices have been gone upto Rs 43,000, and the new prices will be effective for all the bookings made on or after 1st April 2021. Here’s take a look at the revised prices: – 

2021 MG Hector latest prices: – 

MG Hector VariantOld PriceNew PriceDifference
Style MT PetrolRs 12.90 lakhRs 13.18 lakhRs 28,000
Super MT PetrolRs 13.89 lakhRs 14.17 lakhRs 28,000
Super MT Petrol HybridRs 14.40 lakhRs 14.78 lakhRs 38,000
Smart MT Petrol HybridRs 15.75 lakhRs 16.04 lakhRs 29,000
Smart Petrol DCTRs 16.52 lakhRs 16.80 lakhRs 28,000
Smart Petrol CVTRs 16.52 lakhRs 16.85 lakhRs 33,000
Sharp MT Petrol HybridRs 17.10 lakhRs 17.43 lakhRs 33,000
Sharp Petrol DCTRs 18.10 lakhRs 18.39 lakhRs 29,000
Smart Petrol CVTRs 18.10 lakhRs 18.43 lakhRs 33,000
Style DieselRs 14.21 lakhRs 14.59 lakhRs 28,000
Super DieselRs 15.31 lakhRs 15.69 lakhRs 28,000
Smart DieselRs 17.02 lakhRs 17.40 lakhRs 38,000
Sharp DieselRs 18.43 lakhRs 18.86 lakhRs 43,000

*All prices, ex-showroom Delhi. 

  • The prices of 5-seater MG Hector now ranged between Rs 13.18 lakh to Rs 18.86 lakh, registering a hike of up to Rs 43,000. 
  • Earlier, there was no price difference between the CVT and DCT variants, now CVT trims are upto Rs 5,000 more expensive than the DCT variants. 
  • Apart from the price hike, no other changes have been made to the SUV. 

MG Hector Plus (6/7-seater) prices: – 

Hector Plus Variants

6-Seater Old Price

6-seater New Price

7-Seater Old Price

7-Seater New Price

Difference (both)

Style MT Petrol

Rs 13.35 lakh

Rs 13.63 lakh Rs 28,000

Style MT Diesel

Rs 14.66 lakh

Rs 15.04 lakhRs 38,000

Super MT Hybrid

Rs 14.85 lakh

Rs 15.13 lakh

Rs 28,000

Super MT Diesel

Rs 16 lakh

Rs 16.38 lakh

Rs 15.76 lakh

Rs 16.14 lakhRs 38,000

Smart MT Diesel

Rs 17.72 lakh

Rs 18.10 lakh

Rs 17.62 lakh

Rs 18 lakhRs 28,000
Smart CVTRs 17.22 lakhRs 17.50 lakhRs 28,000

Smart DCT

Rs 17.22 lakh

Rs 17.50 lakh

Rs 28,000

Sharp MT Hybrid

Rs 17.85 lakh

Rs 18.13 lakh

Rs 28,000

Sharp DCT

Rs 18.90 lakh

Rs 19.18 lakh

Rs 28,000
Sharp CVTRs 18.90 lakhRs 19.18 lakh  Rs 28,000

Sharp MT Diesel

Rs 19.23 lakh

Rs 19.61 lakh

Rs 38,000

Select MT Diesel

Rs 18.43 lakh

Rs 18.81 lakh

Rs 38,000

*All prices, ex-showroom Delhi. 

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  • Unlike the previous hike, this time all the variants have undergone the price revision. 
  • While the asking rates of petrol variants have got a hike of Rs 28,000, the diesel variants have become bearer by Rs 38,000. 
  • After the hike, the Hector Plus now retails from Rs 13.35 lakh to Rs 18.81 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi). 

Besides the price hike, MG Motor India has registered the highest-ever retail sales figure of 5,528 units in March 2021 at a growth of 264% against 1,518 units sold in the same month last year. The British legacy automaker also clocked the highest-ever sales for its Hector and ZS EV during March 2021. With the continued momentum, the carmaker now has a waiting period of up to 2-3 months for most of the models.