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MG Gloster SUV: Pros, Cons and Should You Buy It?

MG might not be a household name in India but in a rather shorter time span, it has successfully created quite a buzz around the brand. Company’s maiden offering in India, the Hector set things up nicely as it was received fairly well. As a part of the company’s plan of expanding its customer base in India, MG has finally launched the massive Gloster full-size SUV.    

MG Gloster price

Gloster enthralls on several parameters including powerful engine options, absolute safety, many convenience features, marvelous appearances, and a practical cabin. This particular article will talk about all the shining points of the Gloster and also the metrics where it could have done better.



Ex-showroom Price

Super 7 str

Rs 28.98 Lakhs

Smart 6 str

Rs 30.98 Lakhs

Sharp 7 str

Rs 33.68 Lakhs

Sharp 6 str

Rs 33.98 Lakhs

Savvy 6 str

Rs 35.38 Lakhs

As far as the pricing is concerned, MG has done a pretty good job, the pricing is easily at par with the competition as the SUV manages to undercut Endeavour’s starting price (Rs 29.99 Lakhs) and is slotted very close to Fortuner (Rs 28.66 Lakhs) and Alturas G4 (Rs 28.72 Lakhs).

Even for the top of the line variant, Gloster manages to retail at a price cheaper than the segment leader, Fortuner (Rs 36.88 Lakhs) and is marginally expensive as compared to Endeavour (Rs 35.11 Lakhs). 

Engine Specification   


2.0-litre turbo

2.0-litre twin-turbo (Bi-turbo)

Max Power



Max Torque




8-speed torque converter automatic (AT)

8-speed torque converter automatic (AT)

DrivetrainRear Wheel Drive (RWD)All-Wheel Drive (AWD)
Variant Availability 

Super (7-seater), Smart (6-seater)

Sharp (6-seater & 7-seater), Savvy (6-seater)


mg gloster engine spec

The same 2L engine is offered with a couple of configurations. The turbo variant which is offered with the base variant produces 163PS and a torque output of 375Nm. The twin-charged turbo option provided with the higher-spec trims produces an extra power output of 55PS over a single turbo-charged configuration, and even the torque output stands at a commanding 480Nm.

Thanks to these powerful engine options, Gloster manages to fare much better than the competition at least on paper, and seems to take quite an edge over its rivals.

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MG gloster interior


  • The dimensions of this car are just too significant to be ignored in any discussion around this vehicle. The car has been designed really well and does remarkably great on the practicality front. Its generously spacious cabin can be attributed to dimensions as well.
  • The car does exceptionally good when it comes to comfort, convenience, and safety features. The list is long and cuts across segments and they are pretty much comparable to cars offered at a much higher price tag. The car thus offers amazing value for its price.
  • The judicious use of dimensions and space has resulted in a pretty comfortable third-row seating position with a competition-triumphant boot space as well.
  • The all-wheel-drive (AWD) variants are priced quite satisfactorily.
  • Interior quality, especially in the Indian market is low-hanging fruit for brands while considering cost-trimming but that is not the case with MG’s Gloster which comes with exceptional interior quality.
  • The twin-turbo engine is quite powerful and superior over the competition. It also comes at a pretty reasonable price range.

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MG gloster pros and cons


  • The fuel efficiency delivered by the twin-turbo unit is quite mediocre and also lower than Fortuner and Endeavour.
  • The Endeavour and Fortuner have a pretty diehard customer base and are associated with Ford and Toyota respectively. These brands have paved a very strong impression on the minds of Indian consumers especially with the two offerings we are referring to. So it will be difficult for Gloster, to cut through, at least in the beginning. The controversies around Hector do not help their case as well.
  • The car only comes in a diesel automatic variant that too only with a single transmission option. 

Should you buy it?

Whenever we have talked about the Gloster, we have always laid stress on the fact that it was a highly anticipated car and now that it has finally been launched, we can assert without even an iota of doubt that MG has been successful in ticking the significant number of boxes right with the Gloster.

MG gloster review

It has been inspired by Maxus D90, so appearances and space were never under doubt. With a fairly long feature list and powerful engine options, MG seems to have hit the nail right on its head with the Gloster. If you have happened to come across the giant SUV and were awestruck, you can definitely go for it. It seems like a worthy offering and definitely packs in the punch to give some tough time to established stalwarts like Fortuner and Endeavour.

MG Gloster Video Review:- 

MG Gloster Drive Impressions | Gagan Choudhary