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Maruti Suzuki Introduced A New Customer Convenience Package

In order to strengthen the hassle-free and satisfying car ownership experience, Maruti Suzuki has introduced a new Customer Convenience Package (CCP) that offers repairs against unexpected failures of the engine due to hydrostatic lock and fuel adulteration. Total of three packages are available under this program: –

  1. CCP Hydro: Provides coverage for repairs due to water entering the engine.
  2. CCP Fuel: Coverage for repairs due to fuel adulteration/poor fuel quality.
  3. CCP Plus: It comprises both CCP Hyrdo and CCP Fuel packages.

It’s worth noting that only those Maruti Suzuki cars that have an active warranty, either primary or extended, are eligible to opt these Customer Convenience Packages.

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Elaborating on the Customer Convenience Package, Mr. Partho Banerjee, Senior Executive Director, Service, Maruti Suzuki India Limited, said –

“It is our constant endeavor to offer our customers a hassle-free and delightful car ownership experience. In our customer research, we found that customers today are more risk-averse when it comes to their cars and believe in being prepared for any eventuality regarding their vehicle. Further, they look for assurance and convenience of service from the manufacturers for the upkeep of their cars. With that in mind, we are introducing our new product offering known as CCP. CCP is specifically designed to give assurance to customers in case of unwarranted and unforeseen failures faced by the vehicle engine due to hydrostatic lock or fuel adulteration. Our customers have a choice to sign up for any of these packages and avail benefits at any Maruti Suzuki authorized workshop, across the country.”