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Maruti Baleno, WagonR Recalled Over Faulty Fuel Pump Motor

Maruti Suzuki has announced a voluntary recall for WagonR and Baleno due to a potential issue with the fuel pump motor. According to the carmaker, 11,851 units of the WagonR and 4,190 units of the Baleno, manufactured between July 30, 2019, and November 1, 2019, have been recalled.

Maruti has announced that there is a possible defect in the fuel pump motor, which, in a rare case, may lead to engine stalling or engine starting issues.

Maruti WagonR recall

What is a Fuel Pump Motor?

For those unaware, the fuel pump motor is a crucial component which is responsible for pumping fuel from the tank to the engine, ensuring a consistent flow of fuel at the correct pressure to support the combustion process and vehicle operation.

What’s The Next Step?

The Indian marque will soon start contacting the owners of the affected units to schedule a service appointment and replace the faulty component without any charges. Customers of the Maruti WagonR and Baleno may also click here to check if their vehicles are part of the recall campaign. 

While it hasn’t been clarified whether the impacted units of the two hatchbacks are safe for use, we advise promptly checking if your vehicle is subject to the recall. If so, it’s crucial to schedule an inspection without delay to ensure your vehicle’s optimal condition.

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