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Mahindra starts manufacturing hand sanitizers

As we all know that the world is facing a serious issue with the outbreak of the pandemic coronavirus and India too has imposed a lockdown for the people of the country. In a time like this, we have seen a lot of industrialists and big businessmen coming forward to extend their helping hands like Mahindras, Tatas, Ambanis, Adanis, etc. Mahindra and Mahindra had started the manufacturing of ventilators in late march in order to help the doctors and hospitals and to meet the shortage of ventilators in hospitals.

Mahindra Covid-19 relief

Mahindra is producing face masks in 8 of its plants across the country and other plants are producing ventilators and hand sanitizers. Mahindra's agrichemicals plants have started manufacturing of hand sanitizer, regarding which SP Shukla, group president – aerospace, defense, Agri and steel sectors, member of group executive board, chairman – group sustainability council and Mahindra innovation academy, tweeted,

'Congrats to my colleagues Ashok Sharma, Sandeep Gadre & Pradeep Cheema as we commence production of #handsanitiser in record time from formulation to license to testing. A humble contribution from @MahindraRise in keeping India safe.' 

A team headed by Ashok Sharma, Sandeep Gadre, and Pradeep Cheema developed the low-cost sanitizer and after getting it passed through various stages of testing, they have been equipped with the license and have started the manufacturing of hand sanitizer at large scale.

Mr. Anand Mahindra retweeted SP Shukla's tweet and said:-

 "I join in to congratulate you and your team. You have shown you know how to 'Rise' to the occasion.''