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Kia Annouces Price Hike For Select Models

In order to offset the increased commodity and transportation costs, Kia India has announced a price hike for its select models, including the top-rated Seltos mid-size SUV. The carmaker has also revised the variant lineup of the Kia Sonet sub-4m SUV.

Let’s take a look at the variant-wise new prices of all Kia cars applicable from January 2023: –

Kia Sonet

Petrol Variants

Kia Sonet PetrolRevised PricesQuantum of Price Hike
1.2-litre Variants
HTERs 7.69 lakh+Rs 20,000
HTKRs 8.45 lakh+Rs 20,000
HTK+Rs 9.39 lakh+Rs 20,000
1-litre Turbocharged Variants
HTK+ (iMT)Rs 10.24 lakh+Rs 25,000
HTX (iMT)Rs 11.20 lakh+Rs 25,000
HTX Anniversary Edition (iMT)Discontinued
HTX+ (iMT)Rs 12.50 lakh+Rs 25,000
HTX+ Dual Tone (iMT)Rs 12.60 lakh+Rs 25,000
GTX+ (iMT)Rs 12.84 lakh+Rs 25,000
GTX+ Dual Tone (iMT)Rs 12.94 lakh+Rs 25,000
HTX (DCT)Rs 11.80 lakh+Rs 25,000
HTX Anniversary Edition (DCT)Discontinued
GTX+ (DCT)Rs 13.44 lakh+Rs 25,000
GTX+ Dual Tone (DCT)Rs 13.54 lakh+Rs 25,000
X-Line (DCT)Rs 13.64 lakh+Rs 25,000
Kia Sonet Petrol Variants Price List

Diesel Variants

Kia Sonet DieselRevised PriceQuantum of Price Hike
HTERs 9.45 lakh+Rs 40,000
HTKRs 10.19 lakh+Rs 40,000
HTK+Rs 10.89 lakh+Rs 40,000
HTXRs 11.75 lakh+Rs 40,000
HTX Anniversary EditionDiscontinued
HTX (AT)Rs 12.55 lakh+Rs 40,000
HTX Anniversary Edition (AT)Discontinued
HTX+Rs 13.05 lakh+Rs 40,000
HTX+ Dual ToneRs 13.15 lakh+Rs 40,000
GTX+Rs 13.39 lakh+Rs 40,000
GTX+ Dual ToneRs 13.49 lakh+Rs 40,000
GTX+ (AT)Rs 14.19 lakh+Rs 40,000
GTX+ Dual Tone (AT)Rs 14.29 lakh+Rs 40,000
X-Line (AT)Rs 14.39 lakh+Rs 40,000
Kia Sonet Diesel Variants Price List
  • Kia India has discontinued the Anniversary Edition of the Sonet.
  • The prices of the sub-4m SUV have gone up by up to Rs 40,000. The naturally aspirated petrol variants are the least affected by the price hike move.

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Kia Seltos

Kia Seltos Price hike

Petrol Variants

Kia Seltos PetrolRevised PricesQuantum of Price Hike
1.5-litre NA Variants
HTERs 10.69 lakh+Rs 20,000
HTKRs 11.75 lakh+Rs 20,000
HTK+Rs 12.85 lakh+Rs 20,000
HTK+ (iMT)Rs 13.25 lakh+Rs 20,000
HTXRs 14.65 lakh+Rs 20,000
HTX (CVT)Rs 15.65 lakh+Rs 20,000
1.4-litre Turbo Variants
GTX (O)Rs 16.45 lakh+Rs 40,000
GTX+Rs 17.39 lakh+Rs 40,000
GTX+ Dual ToneRs 17.59 lakh+Rs 40,000
GTX+ (DCT)Rs 18.39 lakh+Rs 40,000
GTX+ Dual Tone (DCT)Rs 18.59 lakh+Rs 40,000
X-Line (DCT)Rs 18.69 lakh+Rs 40,000
Kia Seltos Petrol Variants Price List

Diesel Variants

VariantRevised PricesQuantum of Price Hike
HTERs 11.89 lakh+Rs 50,000
HTKRs 13.19 lakh+Rs 50,000
HTK+Rs 14.29 lakh+Rs 50,000
HTK+ (iMT)Rs 14.79 lakh+Rs 50,000
HTXRs 16.09 lakh+Rs 50,000
HTX (AT)Rs 17.09 lakh+Rs 50,000
HTX+Rs 17.09 lakh+Rs 50,000
HTX+ Dual ToneRs 17.29 lakh+Rs 50,000
GTX+ ATRs 18.85 lakh+Rs 50,000
GTX+ Dual Tone (AT)Rs 19.05 lakh+Rs 50,000
X-Line (AT)Rs 19.15 lakh+Rs 50,000
Kia Seltos Diesel Variants Price List
  • Creta-rivaling Kia Seltos has undergone a price jump of up to Rs 50,000.
  • The mid-size SUV now ranges between Rs 10.69 lakh to Rs 19.15 lakh (ex-showroom).

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Kia Carens

Kia Carens waiting period and price list

Petrol Variants

Kia Carens PetrolRevised PricesQuantum of Price Hike
1.5-litre NA Variants
PremiumRs 10.20 lakh+Rs 20,000
PrestigeRs 11.40 lakh+Rs 20,000
1.4-litre Turbo Variants
PremiumRs 11.55 lakh+Rs 25,000
PrestigeRs 12.75 lakh+Rs 25,000
Prestige PlusRs 14.25 lakh+Rs 25,000
LuxuryRs 15.70 lakh+Rs 25,000
Luxury Plus 6-seaterRs 17 lakh+Rs 25,000
Luxury Plus 7-seaterRs 17.05 lakh+Rs 25,000
Prestige Plus (DCT)Rs 15.25 lakh+Rs 25,000
Luxury Plus 6-seater (DCT)Rs 17.90 lakh+Rs 25,000
Luxury Plus 7-seater (DCT)Rs 17.95 lakh+Rs 25,000
Kia Carens Petrol Variants Price List

Diesel Variants

Kia Carens DieselRevised PricesQuantum of Price Hike
PremiumRs 12.15 lakh+Rs 45,000
PrestigeRs 13.35 lakh+Rs 45,000
Prestige PlusRs 14.85 lakh+Rs 45,000
LuxuryRs 16.30 lakh+Rs 45,000
Luxury Plus 6-seaterRs 17.50 lakh+Rs 45,000
Luxury Plus 7-seaterRs 17.55 lakh+Rs 45,000
Luxury Plus 6-seater (AT)Rs 18.40 lakh+Rs 45,000
Luxury Plus 7-seater (AT)Rs 18.45 lakh+Rs 45,000
Kia Carens Diesel Variants Price List
  • The prices of Kia Carens’ naturally aspirated petrol variants have received a uniform price hike of Rs 20,000.
  • The quantum of the price hike is Rs 5,000 and Rs 25,000 more for the turbocharged petrol and diesel variants, respectively, when compared to the NA petrol trims.

Kia India Enters Into Used Car Business

Kia Carnival

Kia Carnival variants and prices
Kia CarnivalPrice ListQuantum of Price Hike
PrestigeRs 30.99 lakhN.A.
Limousine Rs 33.49 lakhN.A.
Limousine PlusRs 35.49 lakhN.A.
Kia Carnival Price List

The prices of Kia Carnival premium MPV remain the same.

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Kia EV6

Kia EV6 price in India
Kia EV6 Revised PricesQuantum of Price Hike
RWDRs 60.95 lakh+Rs 1 lakh
AWDRs 65.95 lakh+Rs 1 lakh
Kia EV6 Price List

Kia’s only electric vehicle in the country, the EV6, have also received a substantial price jump of Rs 1 lakh.