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Kia Carens and Seltos Prices Increased By Rs 30,000 – Check New Prices Here

Launched in July this year, the Kia Seltos Facelift has received its first price hike of up to Rs 30,000, with the GTX+ and X-Line being the only ones affected. The Kia Carens MPV is also subjected to a price revision.

Let’s take a look at their updated prices: –

2023 Kia Seltos

Kia Seltos X-Line (S) price
Kia Seltos X-Line
VariantsNew PriceQuantum of Price Hike
GTX+ Turbo-petrol DCTRs 20 lakh+Rs 20,000
X-Line Turbo-petrol DCTRs 20.30 lakh+Rs 30,000
GTX+ Diesel ATRs 20 lakh+Rs 20,000
X-Line Diesel ATRs 20.30 lakh+Rs 30,000
Kia Seltos Facelift New Price List (October 2023)

As mentioned above, only the range-topping GTX+ and X-Line have seen a change in their prices. Rest all the variants, including the newly launched GTX+ (S) and X-Line (S), remain unaffected by the price hike move.

Kia Carens

Kia Carens price list
Kia Carens
Kia Carens VariantsNew PriceQuantum of Price Hike
1.5-litre Naturally Aspirated Petrol
PremiumRs 10.45 lakhN.A.
PrestigeRs 11.75 lakh+Rs 10,000
1.5-litre Turbocharged Petrol
Premium iMTRs 12 lakhN.A.
Prestige iMTRs 13.35 lakh+Rs 10,000
Prestige Plus iMTRs 14.85 lakh+Rs 10,000
Prestige Plus DCTRs 15.85 lakh+Rs 10,000
Luxury iMTRs 16.35 lakh+Rs 15,000
Luxury (O) DCTRs 17.15 lakh+Rs 15,000
Luxury Plus iMT (6-seater)Rs 17.65 lakh+Rs 15,000
Luxury Plus iMTRs 17.70 lakh+Rs 15,000
Luxury Plus DCT (6-seater)Rs 18.55 lakh+Rs 15,000
Luxury Plus DCTRs 18.60 lakh+Rs 15,000
X-Line DCT (6-seater)Rs 18.95 lakhN.A.
1.5-litre CRDi Turbocharged Diesel
Premium iMTRs 12.65 lakhN.A.
Prestige iMTRs 13.95 lakh+Rs 10,000
Prestige Plus iMTRs 15.45 lakh+Rs 10,000
Luxury iMTRs 16.95 lakh+Rs 15,000
Luxury (O) ATRs 17.85 lakh+Rs 15,000
Luxury Plus iMT (6-seater)Rs 18.15 lakh+Rs 15,000
Luxury Plus AT (6-seater)Rs 19.05 lakh+Rs 15,000
Luxury Plus ATRs 18.95 lakhN.A.
X-Line AT (6-seater)Rs 19.45 lakhN.A.
Kia Carens New Price List (October 2023)

As seen in the table table, the prices for the entry-level Premium and range-topping X-Line variant remain unchanged. However, other variants have undergone a price jump of up to Rs 15,000.

Aside from the price changes, both these Kia utility vehicles remain unchanged.