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Kerala taxis to get fiberglass partition protection

Ernakulam district in Kochi has decided to install fibreglass partition in all the taxis being used at present in order to avoid physical contact between the driver and the passenger in order to avoid the spread of COVID virus. The administration has issued guidelines suggesting all the taxi drivers to install the clear glass fibre protection in order to ensure the safety of both passengers and the driver. These steps are being taken as drivers come in contact with a lot of people on a daily basis and might speed up the spread of the virus unknowingly.

Fibreglass partition/shield to ensure the safety of car passengers / taxi drivers

Fiberglass partition in between 1st and 2nd row

The drivers have also been advised to not use the air conditioning in the car as it might facilitate the spread of the virus, instead, all the windows are to be remain opened during the ride. They have also been advised by the administration to adopt/accept cashless/online digital payment methods so as to avoid all the possible physical contact with the passenger.

An official stated, 'Before a passenger enters the taxi, the driver will provide a sanitizer. The driver will open the door of the car and the passenger will not be allowed to touch it. Drivers will be asked to adopt online money transactions. Thus, there would not be any contacts between the driver and the passenger. Only two passengers will be permitted to travel in the taxi and both will be seated at the rear. No passenger will be permitted to sit in front. The passengers should compulsorily wear masks. The driver has to wear both mask and gloves. Similarly, the car has to be cleaned after each ride.”