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Hyundai Cars Become Dearer By Up To Rs 45,000

All Hyundai cars, except for the third-generation i20 and Kona Electric, have become dearer by up to Rs 45,000. While we have already reported about the variant-wise revised prices of the Creta compact SUV, the price of other Hyundai cars are as follows: – 

Hyundai Model

Old Price Range

New Price Range

Premium Range 


Rs 4.63 lakh to Rs 6.31 lakh

Rs 4.67 lakh to Rs 6.53 lakh

Rs 600 to Rs 4,900

Grand i10 Nios

Rs 5.12 lakh to Rs 8.35 lakh

Rs 5.19 lakh to Rs 8.41 lakh

Rs 2,900 to Rs 7,390


Rs 5.85 lakh to Rs 9.28 lakh

Rs 5.92 lakh to Rs 9.32 lakh

Rs 2,200 to Rs 9,800


Rs 6.75 lakh to Rs 11.65 lakh

Rs 6.86 lakh to Rs 11.67 lakh

Rs 1,760 to Rs 12,400


Rs 9.02 lakh to Rs 15.17 lakh

Rs 9.11 lakh to Rs 15.20 lakh

Rs 2,700 to Rs 12,100


Rs 17.60 lakh to Rs 20.65 lakh

Rs 17.80 lakh to Rs 21.10 lakh

Rs 15,000 to Rs 45,000


Rs 22.30 lakh to Rs 27.03 lakh

Rs 22.55 lakh to Rs 27.33 lakh

Rs 31,000 to Rs 39,000

  • Hyundai has mentioned rising input costs as the cause for the price hike. The Hyundai Elantra has received the highest price jump followed by the Tucson mid-sized SUV. 
  • To know the variant-wise pricing, kindly visit Hyundai’s official website. 

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  • The latest entrant to the Hyundai's portfolio, the i20 premium hatchback is exempted from the price hike. Currently, it retails from Rs 6.79 lakh to Rs 11.32 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi). With this, it's the most expensive premium hatchback in the segment. Recently, Tata Motors has also launched the Altroz iTurbo which undertakes the i20 Turbo by a huge margin. Click here, to know more about this in detail.