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Honda e and CBR1000RR-R Inducted into Prestigious Red Dot Design Museum

Honda’s next-generation electric car, Honda e and superbike CBR1000RR-R have recently been introduced into the historic Red Dot Design Museum, which is one of the most significant platforms of contemporary design on the global level and honours excellence in product design from international businesses.

Honda E & Honda CBR1000RR-R inducted in Red Dot Museum

Honda e Gathers Accolades

The compact and highly acclaimed Honda e got to take a centre stage in “Special milestones in contemporary Designs”, as it is recognised as one of the 76 best products of 2020 and also a current marker in international product design.

The highly acclaimed compact electric vehicle was also awarded the ‘Red Dot: Best of the Best 2020’ award for ground-breaking product design. It happens to be the highest honour in internationally acclaimed Red Dot Award and is reserved for best products belonging to each category.

In addition to Best of the Best 2020, Honda e also received an honour in the Meta category-smart products and the superbike CBR1000RR-R which received an award for outstanding design in the motorcycle category.

Red Dot On Honda e 

Honda e price

CEO and founder of Red Dot Design Award was all praise for the innovative Honda offering and also went onto laud the research and development work Honda has been doing. He said-

The Honda e is not just a car – it is much more. The Honda e was awarded the Red Dot: Best of the Best because the jury was amazed by the car at first sight. There was no doubt it was worthy of the award from the beginning.

He further added-

Honda is facing the challenges [of urban mobility] through fantastic research and development work to find the right solution for the future. I think the Honda e stands for a kind of paradigm shift: we are not just talking about e-mobility, we are talking about new solutions in the digital world and Honda e fits perfectly into this scenery. It connects your home with mobility, it is a real smart product and it goes far beyond our imagination. I don't know any other car that can achieve this at the moment. 

Honda e Innovative Design Features

The new Honda e is the brand's first production battery electric vehicle for the European market. Honda e is critical to Honda’s commitment to electrify Honda’s entire car range in Europe by 2022.

The design features like unique concave black panels, signature front and rear LED light combinations set the tone nicely and the design consistency is neatly extended by clean lines and flush features that also help and enhance the aerodynamic efficiency of the compact Honda EV. Technologically driven inclusions like side camera mirror system replacing the conventional mirror setup further enhance the charm of the next-gen compact commuter.

Through all the design pyrotechnics that the revolutionary Honda car has to offer, it certainly marks the coming era of urban mobility.

Peter Zec On Why CBR1000RR-R Won The Award

If I'm thinking about Honda, the first thing that comes to mind is motorbikes. The Fireblade deserves the Red Dot because the jury liked it very much – and we have really crazy judges that challenged the bike, including a professional racing bike rider. It's not just good design – it has perfect performance too, which is the main reason why it received the Red Dot."

-said Peter Zec.

2020 honda cbr1000rr-r fireblade

Honda CBR1000RR-R’s Rich Performance Traits

The new 2020 CBR1000RR-R’s 2020 model was developed with the tagline ‘Born to race’ and the expert’s verdict is consistent with the company’s claims. The Judging panel appreciated the Fireblade SP for its racing-inspired design, well-balanced lines and aerodynamically sound styling. Judges also praised it for its fun experience and outstanding performance on testing.

The great performance is a derivative of best in class drag coefficients due to design features like minimal frontal area, extended lower fairings and aggressively angled side fairings- plus a variety of apertures, slits and air channelling. In addition to all the design features, a super-powerful inline four-cylinder diesel engine also helped the CBR 1000RR-R’s cause.

About the Annual Red Dot Award

The annual Red Dot Award: Product Design honours excellence in product design. A committee of 40 international experts test, evaluate and discuss each entry. Red Dot Design museum holds the world’s largest exhibition of contemporary designs.