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Get Up to Rs 80,000 Discount And Easy EMI Options On Renault Kwid, Triber And Duster

The last couple of years have seen Renault doing decently with respect to sales, the launch of the sub-4-m practical SUV helped the company with the much-needed impetus, and they have done well since then.

Renault Cars India

In a bid to carry on great sales performance in the COVID-19 era, Renault is providing attractive discounts on its all three offerings in the country, we will be discussing those deals through this article

August 2020: Offers on Renault cars


Cash Discounts

Exchange Bonus

Corporate Discount OR Rural offers

Loyalty Bonus

Total Benefits


Up to Rs. 10,000

Up to Rs. 20,000

Rs 7,000 OR Rs. 4,000

Up to Rs. 10,000

Up to Rs. 40,000


Rs. 20,000

Up to Rs. 7,000 OR Rs. 4,000

Up to Rs. 10,000

Up to Rs. 40,000


Rs. 25,000

Rs. 25,000

Up to Rs. 20,000 OR Rs 10,000

Up to Rs. 20,000

Up to Rs. 80,000

  • It is important to note that a particular buyer would be eligible for any one of the corporate or rural discount.
  • Loyalty bonuses can either be availed in the form of an exchange bonus or they are provided to buyers as a cash discount if they buy another Renault model. 
  • Renault will be providing an additional exchange bonus of Rs. 5,000 in the states where Renault Finance is not available.
  • All the offers mentioned here are valid till 31st August 2020 only.

Renault Kwid price

Renault Kwid

  • All the aforementioned deals are applicable only on selected Renault Kwid variants.
  • Buyers are also provided with the convenience of financing their purchase at a special rate of 6.99% which will be calculated on a loan amount of Rs 2.32 Lakhs calculated for the maximum tenure of 24 months. The rate of interest is subject to the loan amount and tenure opted for.
  • Renault is also offering a four months EMI holiday program, under this program, the maximum amount is fixed at Rs 2.32 Lakhs and the maximum tenure at 24 months.   
  • Prices of different Kwid variants are varying differently across states, to get the exact price after discounts, we recommend you to contact your nearest dealership.

Renault Triber

  • For the AMT variant of the Renault Triber, only loyalty benefits of Rs. 10,000 are being offered.
  • For the manual gearbox-equipped variants, all the other discount offers apart from loyalty benefits will be applicable.
  • Buyers have the option of availing a special 6.99% rate interest calculated on a total loan amount of Rs 3.82 Lakhs for the tenure of 24 months. The rate of interest will vary as the principal amount and tenure are changed.
  • Like the Kwid, Renault is offering a four-month EMI holiday program with the Triber as well, with the maximum loan amount fixed at Rs 3.82 Lakhs for the tenure of 24 months. Offer will not remain valid if either of the loan amounts or tenure is changed.  
  • Buyers in the state of Kerala, Gujarat, and Maharashtra can avail additional benefits in the form of accessories worth Rs 10,000.

Renault triber and duster

Renault Duster

  • The cash discount worth Rs 25,000 indicated in the table is only for the RXS variant of the Duster.
  • Like the Kwid and Triber, Renault provides the Duster buyers with the option of availing a special 6.99 percent interest rate calculated on a total loan amount of Rs 6.53 Lakhs for the tenure of 24 months.
  • Renault Duster too is being provided with 4 months EMI holiday program with a fixed loan amount of Rs 6.53 lakhs and tenure of 24 months, the buyer will not be eligible to avail the benefits of the EMI holiday scheme if loan amount or tenure is increased.
  • Buyers from Kerala, Gujarat, and Maharashtra are entitled to receive accessories worth Rs 10,000 as an additional benefit.
  • Buyers of these three states will be eligible for a loyalty bonus of Rs 20,000 and accessories worth Rs. 10,000 on the purchase of the RXE variant. Buyers from other states can avail only the loyalty bonus and will not get an accessory package worth Rs 10,000