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Gaadify Tips: Here Is How You Can Get The Best Mileage From Your Vehicle

The Indian automobile market is a very price-sensitive place where buyers pay more attention to their ownership cost than the features on offers. "KITNA DETI HAI" is a term that has been associated with the Indian auto market for decades, which indicates how important mileage is to customers.

In India, if a car, bike, or scooter has to be successful, it really needs to be capable of covering the most number of miles on every liter of the oil it drains. Since we are not a manufacturer, hence we cannot claim a particular mileage from a vehicle, but we can definitely help you in getting close to the claimed mileage. Here are some simple tips which will help you to get the best mileage from your bike/car/scooter:- 

how to improve mileage of your car


To get desired results by any machine, it is necessary to maintain them from time to time. Maintain optimum levels of fluids in the vehicle like engine oil, transmission oil, coolant, brake oil, etc. Also, always keep the air and oil filters unclogged. Replace all essential fluids/oils and filters at recommended periods. 

Keep the optimum air pressure

Tires are the only component that makes contact with the surface. Decreased air pressure in tires means high rolling resistance (high friction) and increased contact patch between them. Hence, optimum air pressure, recommended by the manufacturer is required. DONT OVERINFLATE THE TYRE.

Avoid Upsizing the Tyre

Upsizing the tire also increases the contact patch, as a result, it provides a better grip on the road. But the more grip, the less mileage you get. Hence, getting a fuel efficiency close to the OEM claimed mileage figure really requires you to stick at the same tire size that you get as standard fitment. 

Be gentle on the throttle

Mileage really gets affected the way you drive or ride an automobile. Hence, be gentle on the accelerator/throttle. Do not push it hard unnecessarily. Maintain the best speed according to the engaged gear.

Ease On B & C

Avoid using the brake and clutch too much. Some of us have a habit of resting our hands/feet on the clutch and the brake levers/pedals during riding/driving. While doing that, we slightly press them without recognizing it. This not only affects the overall mileage figures but also decreases the life of the associated components.

Escape Engine Idling

Idling means when the engine of your vehicle running but the vehicle is not in motion/stationary. We often make such a mistake while waiting for someone or at the traffic signals. It really burns the fuel unnecessarily without covering a single millimeter distance. 


The aerodynamic body shape is really helpful to decrease the drag (a force that opposes the direction of motion), that's one of the reasons why bikes give better mileage than the scooter of the same displacement because the front apron of the scooters increases the air resistant (drag). Hence, In the case of two-wheelers don't use such components that raise the surface area. For example:- tieing board at the front of the bikes to avoid the splashing of water. 

In the case of four-wheelers, avoid driving with open windows (partly or fully), especially at high speeds. 

Don't overload

The weight of the vehicle is directly proportional to the load on the engine. It means the more your car carries the weight, the more the load on the engine increases, which will directly reduce the mileage. So as much as possible, try to not add any extra weight.  

Avoid Short Tripping

If the destination is near, then use your foot and walk because the environment and your pocket also desperately need it.

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