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Confused Why There Are Black Dots On The Windshield? Know The Reason Here

It takes an assembly of more than thousands of different parts before a car is finally ready. These components serve different purposes to ensure the smooth functioning of the vehicle and serve the purpose of ensuring easy and hassle-free travel. We come across and observe a lot of these parts and while some prominent ones may get etched in our minds, we seldom fail to notice many others, even though they are in the sight and perform an instrumental function. Called as the frits, the small black-dots which run around the boundaries of front and rear-windshield is one such important component and it might have made you wonder what purpose do they actually serve?

So if the same query has knocked the curious windows of your minds, read through as this article explains all the important functions that these small black dots serve.

Black Dots on Windshield: What are all its functions?

black dots on windshield

  • Bonding windshield with the frame of the vehicle

Though the frits serve a variety of purposes, this particular function happens to be the primary one. It is a black enamel that serves the primary important function of strengthening the bond between adhesive and frame. It is important to state the fact that frit performs a dual function, not only it is supposed to strengthen the adhesive on the inside, it is coated on the outer side of the windshield to protect the adhesive from UV rays. So, while the frit on the inner side strengthens the adhesive bond, the patch present on the outer side performs an equally important function of concealing the adhesive and protecting from the harmful UV rays.

  • Works like a fixed sun-visor

Glance through the windshield and you will notice a fixed frit patch in the top centre portion of the windshield eight beside the internal rearview mirror. This particular patch also has a couple of important roles to play, the primary one being the protection of the internal rear-view mirror from the direct exposure of UV rays, it comes in very handy during the summertime when the internal rearview mirror is continuously exposed to sun rays. The second important purpose is that it plays the role of a fixed sun visor, the sun rays coming into the driver’s eye will produce a significantly reduced glare, and also it does not block the driver’s view entirely, so the frit patch plays the role of a transparent sun-shade in this manner.

car windshield

  • Enhance Visual appeal

The frit conceals the adhesive which bonds the windshield and the vehicle's frame, it provides the windshield with a polished look.

These dots reduce in size and fade slowly as they move away from the perimeter, towards the inner side, which is a visual touch given in the order so that the placement of frits do not look abrupt (had there been plain black strips instead of a fading pattern, frots would have looked bad) and they can easily blend into the design.