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2022 Maruti Brezza Vs Hyundai Venue Vs Tata Nexon Vs Others: Price Comparison

Maruti Suzuki has given its Brezza SUV a much-needed generation update. The brand has offered it significant design, mechanical, and feature revisions to ensure it remains competitive in the highly contested sub-4m utility segment. All these changes come at a significant price premium of up to Rs 2.47 lakh over its previous model. While we have already compared the prices of the 2022 Maruti Brezza with its predecessor, here see how it fares against its rivals: –

Note: Since the Maruti Suzuki Brezza only comes with a petrol engine, we’ll be comparing only the petrol variants of all the cars.

2022 Maruti BrezzaHyundai Venue FaceliftKia SonetTata NexonMahindra XUV300Nissan MagniteRenault KigerToyota Urban Cruiser
LXI: Rs 7.99 lakhE: Rs 7.53 lakhHTE: Rs 7.15 lakhXE: Rs 7.55 lakhW4: Rs 8.41 lakhXE: Rs 5.88 lakhRXE: Rs 5.99 lakhMid :  Rs 9.03 lakh
VXI: Rs 9.46 lakh S : Rs 8.7 lakhHTK : Rs 8.15 lakhXM: Rs 8.55 lakhW6: Rs 10 lakhXL: Rs 6.80 lakhRXL: Rs 6.90 lakhHigh : Rs 9.78 lakh
ZXI: Rs 10.86 lakhS(O) : Rs 9.5 lakh HTK+ : Rs 9.05 lakhXM(S): Rs 9.15 lakhW6 AMT: Rs 10.51 lakhXE Executive: Rs 7.27 lakhRXT : Rs 7.45 lakhPremium : Rs 10 lakh
ZXI+ Rs 12.30 lakh S(O) Turbo iMT : Rs 10 lakhHTK+ Turbo iMT: Rs 9.99 lakhXMA: Rs 9.2 lakhW8: Rs 11.16 lakhXV: Rs 7.42 lakhRXT(O): Rs 7.79 lakh/ RXT AMT: Rs 8 lakhMid AT : Rs 10.15 lakh
VXI AT: Rs 10.96 lakhSX :  Rs 10.7 lakhHTX Turbo iMT: Rs 10.79 lakhXZ: Rs 9.65 lakhW8 Opt: Rs 12.38 lakhXL Turbo: Rs 7.93 lakhRXZ : Rs 8.34 lakh/ RXT(O) AMT: Rs 8.35 lakhHigh AT : Rs 11.03 lakh
ZXI AT: Rs 12.36 lakhS(O) Turbo DCT: Rs 10.97 lakhHTX Turbo DCT: Rs 11.39 lakhXMA(S): Rs 9.8 lakhW8 Opt AMT : Rs 13.06 lakhXV Executive Turbo: Rs 8.01 lakhRXZ AMT: Rs 8.89 lakh/ RXT(O) Turbo: Rs 8.89 lakhPremium AT : Rs 11.73 lakh
ZXI+ AT: Rs 13.80 lakhSX(O) Turbo iMT: Rs 11.92 lakhHTX+ Turbo iMT: Rs 12.09 lakhXZ+ Rs 10.25 lakh:XV Premium: Rs 8.14 lakhRXZ Turbo:  Rs 9.44 lakh:
:SX(O) Turbo DCT: Rs 12.57 lakhGTX+ Turbo iMT: Rs 12.45 lakhXZ+(HS): Rs 11 lakh:XV Turbo: Rs 8.78 lakhRXT Turbo CVT: Rs 9.79 lakh:
: :GTX+ Turbo DCT: Rs 13.09 lakhXZA+ Rs 10.9 lakh:XL Turbo CVT: Rs 8.91 lakhRXZ Turbo CVT: Rs 10.34 lakh :
: : :XZ+(O): Rs 11.25 lakh: XV Executive Turbo CVT: Rs 8.93 lakh ::
XZ+(P):  Rs 11.75 lakhXV (O) Premium Turbo: Rs 9.13 lakh
XZA+(HS) : Rs 11.65 lakhXV Premium Turbo: Rs 9.33 lakh
XZ+ Kaziranga : Rs 11.95 lakh/ XZA+(O) : Rs 11.9 lakhXV Turbo CVT: Rs 9.68 lakh
XZA+ Rs 12.4 lakhXV Premium (O) Turbo CVT: Rs 10 lakh
XV Premium Turbo CVT: Rs 10.20 lakh
2022 Maruti Suzuki Brezza Price Comparison With Tata Nexon, Hyundai Venue, Kia Sonet, Nissan Magnite, Mahindra XUV300, Renault Kiger and Toyota Urban Cruiser
  • The entry-level LXI variant of the new 2022 Maruti Brezza is quite expensive than the segment-leading Hyundai Venue, Tata Nexon, and Kia Sonet.
  • Thanks to the smaller displacement 1.0-liter, 3-cylinder, naturally aspirated petrol engine, the Nissan Magnite and Renault Kiger are the most affordable SUVs of the lot.
  • The most expensive entry-level variant is that of the Toyota Urban Cruiser. However, it is worth noting that it is quite feature-rich compared to other cars (almost on par with their mid-spec trims).
  • Talking about the automatic variants, the pricing of Brezza’s VXI AT trim is on par with the Venue’s S(O) Turbo DCT variant, which offers more power and a sportier transmission. Renault Kiger’s RTX AMT trim is the most affordable automatic variant of all.
  • The Kia Sonet is the most expensive car in the segment; however, you get a lot of premium features in return for the high price.
  • Talking about the engine options, the new Brezza comes with a 1.5-litre petrol engine (103PS/137Nm), whereas the Kia Sonet and Hyundai Venue get two engine options: 1.2-liter naturally aspirated petrol (83PS/114Nm) and 1.0-liter turbo-petrol (120PS/172Nm).

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  • The Nissan-Renault duo also gets two engine options: 1.0-litre naturally aspirated petrol (72PS/96Nm) and 1-litre turbo-petrol (100PS/160Nm).
  • Mahindra XUV300 and Tata Nexon, on the other hand, get 1.2-litre turbo-petrol unit. Similar to the Venue and Sonet, the Nexon produces the most power (120PS/170Nm), while the XUV300 has the most torque (110PS/200Nm) on offer.
  • Toyota Urban Cruiser is powered by the most powerful naturally aspirated petrol engine that makes 105PS and 138Nm. However, it is set to get the same changes as the 2022 Maruti Brezza.