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2020 Ford Endeavour SUV: Pros, Cons and Should You Buy It?

The muscular Ford Endeavour SUV recently received an update. With the downsized engine and reduced pricing update has been creating quite a lot of buzz. There is a couple of interesting feature addition as well. Through this article, we aim to present a short crispy specs review of the Endeavour, with its shining point and underwhelming aspects.

2020 Ford endeavour price

2020 Ford Endeavour: Price


Price (Ex-Showroom)

Titanium 4X2 AT

Rs 29.99 Lakhs

Titanium Plus 4X2 AT

Rs 32.75 Lakhs

Titanium Plus 4X4 AT

Rs 34.45 Lakhs

Since it is a take-anywhere full-sized SUV, you will have to shell out a good fortune in order to drive one home. As listed in the table, it is available in three variants with the entry trim retailing at Rs 30 Lakhs (ex-showroom).

When compared against its arch-nemesis- Toyota Fortuner, Endeavour's top variant if more affordable, as it costs almost Rs 2.4 Lakhs cheaper. The latest addition in Fortuner's lineup (TRD edition) costs Rs 36.88 Lakhs for the 4×4 drivetrain. 

Apart from the Toyota SUV, it competes directly against Mahindra Alturas G4 which retails cheaper than the former. 

Ford endeavour pros and cons

Engine Option

Engine Type

 Turbocharged Diesel Engine

Engine Displacement (cc)



10-speed Automatic

Power (PS)


Torque (Nm)


Fuel efficiency (kmpl)


Ever since the news of 3.2L diesel engine being discontinued, hit the auto enthusiast. The turbocharged 2.0L engine with the updated Endeavour became the talk of the town, the enthusiasts and Ford fanboys were certainly not happy, and speculations of Ford planning to exit India started gaining pace.

As it turns out and is explained in a fair amount of detail by Gagan Choudhary in the review article of Endeavour 2020, the updated mill does just fine and it certainly does not feel as underpowered as many had expected it to. With the smaller engine, the fuel efficiency figures have improved for sure, at least on paper and that is an encouraging side to the smaller engine.

Ford endeavour interior


  • With a smaller engine, the fuel milking machine is expected to go a bit easy on the pocket with better efficiency returns.
  • The engine downsizing has also led to a reduction in the prices of the Endeavour as the update costs almost Rs 1.5 Lakhs cheaper than the outgoing Endeavour.
  • The Endeavour gets Ford Pass that provides car connected tech, helping the SUV in inching out its rivals.
  • The sophisticated 10-speed automatic gearbox is a big plus as it provides the convenience of shifting and locking gears in different speed ranges according to the need.
  • The engine feels more refined.


  • Despite costing a good fortune, it misses out on a feature as basic as telescopic steering adjustment, which is a big letdown, the steering only gets tilt adjustment.
  • There is no major feature addition over the outgoing Endeavour. Feature list remains more or less the same. Equipment like ventilated seats, heated ORVM, Heads-up display, the 360-degree camera should have been added taking the price point into consideration.
  • Though the 2.0 L engine manages to do decently well, it still does not matches up to the performance of the 3.2L engine.

2020 ford endeavour review


Like all the discussions concerning, conclusion revolves around the 2.0L turbocharged engine, with no disrespect to refinement and better efficiency that it brings along with itself, someone who has driven the 3.2L equipped Endeavour will feel the change.

If the updated Endeavour is the first time you will get your hands on the muscular SUV, you won’t feel a thing and the 2.0L engine will definitely not leave you disappointed. Add to which the fact that now it is more affordable. Overall, the updated Endeavour continues to impress.  

2020 Ford endeavour 2.0 Review | Gagan Choudhary