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Urban Cruiser Rebadged Vitara Brezza, from Toyota will be launched soon

The second product to come out of one of the most significant and exciting automobile partnerships is the modification of India’s apple of the eye, Vitara Brezza.

This will mark succession to Glanza based on Suzuki’s Baleno but the project was something Toyota won’t want to voice in their fullest of spirit considering the performance by its sister.

Toyota Urban Cruiser front looks

Toyota took their notes from the underwhelming aspect and is now coming up with the Urban Cruiser and the expected design does seem like an exciting upgrade the Brezza awaited.

What’s different in Urban Cruiser?

It is completely imperative to state that in this case as the Glanza the car is pretty much the same. Its complete replication under the hood, which was expected because of Toyota’s very known engine crisis( particular to India)in this segment.

The only changes expected are cosmetic upgrades. The biggest characteristics of which are the front grille and bumpers. Otherwise, it carries the same chassis with identical alloy wheels and front and tail lights.

There is a difference in the colour palette- exterior and interior. Toyota has decided to go with lighter shades to give an upmarket feel to the product.

Toyota has this responsibility to leverage their product over the competition and the donor, given the conditions that it will enter at a higher price bracket with the upper trims only.

There are also better warranty options when compared to Brezza which was their only bet with Glanza was was just a rebadged Baleno.

Author’s take

I was really excited about the Suzuki-Toyota merger from the very announcement. Both these brands house their own base among Indian customers and I was looking forward to what it had to offer.

Frankly speaking, for me, Glanza was a big disappointment with no innovation whatsoever despite a changed logo. The Urban Cruiser seems like an improvement over the bland copy-paste but still, I think there is a lot of undiscovered potentials to be sought and taken use of.