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TVS ARIVE: A New Way Of Experiencing TVS Bikes Virtually

As the global pandemic situations are pushing us to the new normal, the brands are exploring innovative ways to make their products easily accessible with a minimum factor of risk. In this process, TVS Motors India has launched a new mobile application called "ARIVE" to experience and purchase their products digitally.

The term ARIVE refers to the Augmented Reality Interactive Vehicle Experience. Through this app, customers can feel their favorite TVS products from the comfort of their homes. 

TVS ARIVE mobile app is available on both Android and iOS platforms. It uses AR technology to present a comprehensive product exploration. The app offers individualistic modules for every product. Each module is further classified into three different modules, entitled Place to explore (AR-based), Scan a real bike (AR-based), and the 3D mode.

Augmented Reality

  • With the scan a bike feature, users can scan any TVS bike in their area or a dealership from the brand's current portfolio, and it will show every detail of the product through audio-visual and textual format.

tvs arrive app

  • The "Place to Explore" mode generates a 3D graphical model of the real vehicle in the AR world. The virtual vehicle can be fixed on any horizontal flat surface as seen in the above image. With this, users can explore multiple perspectives of the bike using a 360-degree view on the screen. It also allows to zoom in & out the model or move the camera closer to the surface for a more accurate and in-depth view.
  • The 3D mode, on the other hand, is mainly for non-AR compatible devices. It will produce a 3D model of the vehicle, allowing to rotate vehicle 360-degree along with zoom in and out functionality. It will also highlight the key features of the motorcycle in different formats. 

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The app also has the 'Sell Through Process' option. Using this, customers can book a test ride, locate the nearest showroom, and even book their preferred motorcycle online. However, it is important to note that currently, only the TVS Apache RR 310 & TVS Apache RTR 200 4V motorcycles are available on this platform. The brand will add the entire range of TVS products in near future.