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Toyota Innova Crysta, Fortuner Gets A Price Hike

Toyota Kirloskar Motors has increased the prices of Innova Crysta MPV and Fortuner SUV by up to Rs 1.14 lakh (depending on the model and variant). Let’s take a look at the variant-wise updated prices of both these vehicles: –

Toyota Innova Crysta Prices

Petrol Variants: –

The prices of the petrol-powered Innova Crysta remain unchanged.

Innova Crysta PetrolOld PriceNew Price
GX 7-seater/ 8-seaterRs 17.86 lakh/ Rs 17.91 lakhRs 17.86 lakh/ Rs 17.91 lakh
GX AT 7-seater/ 8-seaterRs 19.02 lakh/ Rs 19.07 lakhRs 19.02 lakh/ Rs 19.07 lakh
VX 7-seaterRs 20.95 lakhRs 20.95 lakh
ZX AT 7-seaterRs 20.95 lakhRs 20.95 lakh
Toyota Innova Crysta Petrol Prices

Diesel Variants

The prices of the Innova Crysta’s diesel-manual variants have gone up by Rs 27,000, whereas for the automatic trims, you’ll have to shell out Rs 86,000 more. Here’s a look: –

Innova Crysta DieselOld PriceNew Price
G 7-seater/ 8-seaterRs 18.63 lakh/ Rs 18.68 lakhRs 18.90 lakh / Rs 18.95 lakh
G+ 7-seater/ 8-seaterRs 19.55 lakh/ Rs 19.6 lakhRs 19.82 lakh / Rs 19.87 lakh
GX 7-seater/ 8-seaterRs 19.67 lakh/ Rs 19.72 lakhRs 19.94 lakh / Rs 19.99 lakh
GX AT 7-seater/ 8-seaterRs 20.78 lakh/ Rs 20.83 lakhRs 21.64 lakh / Rs 21.69 lakh
VX 7-seater/ 8-seaterRs 22.84 lakh/ Rs 22.89 lakhRs 23.11 lakh / Rs 23.16 lakh
ZX 7-seaterRs 24.48 lakhRs 24.75 lakh
ZX AT 7-seaterRs 25.68 lakhRs 26.54 lakh
Toyota Innova Crysta Diesel Prices

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Toyota Fortuner Prices

Toyota Fortuner GR Sport price in India
Toyota Fortuner GR Sport

Petrol Variants

Buyers planning to buy the petrol-powered Fortuner will have to pay Rs 61,000 more for both manual and automatic variants.

Fortuner PetrolOld PriceNew Price
4×2Rs 31.79 lakhRs 32.40 lakh
4×2 ATRs 33.38 lakhRs 33.99 lakh 
Toyota Fortuner Petrol Variants Price List

Diesel Variants

The diesel variants of the full-size SUV witness a price jump of Rs 61,000 for the 4×2 variants, Rs 80,000 for AWD variants, and Rs 1.14 lakh for the top-spec Legender trim.

Fortuner DieselOld PriceNew Price
4×2Rs 34.29 lakhRs 34.90 lakh
4×2 ATRs 36.57 lakhRs 37.18 lakh
4×4Rs 37.74 lakhRs 38.54 lakh
4×4 ATRs 40.03 lakhRs 40.83 lakh
GR Sport 4×4 ATRs 48.43 lakhRs 49.57 lakh
Legender 4×2 ATRs 40.91 lakhRs 42.05 lakh
Legender 4×4 ATRs 44.63 lakhRs 45.77 lakh
Toyota Fortuner Diesel Variants Price List