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Tata Safari vs Rivals – Detailed Price Comparison

Tata’s highly popular Safari three-row SUV has recently undergone a mid-life facelift update, encompassing updated styling inside & out, and an array of new features. These change have led it to a significant price hike of over Rs 2 lakh, making it now range between Rs 16.19 lakh and Rs 27.34 lakh (ex-showroom). In light of these developments, let’s analyze how the 2023 Tata Safari stack up against its chief rivals like Mahindra XUV700, MG Hector Plus and Hyundai Alcazar? 

Note: Since the Tata Safari is only available with a diesel engine, we’ll only be comparing the diesel variants of its rivals.

Let’s start with the manual variants: –


2023 Tata SafariMahindra XUV700MG Hector PlusHyundai Alcazar
Smart: Rs 16.19 lakhMX (5-Seater): Rs 14.46 lakhSmart (7-Seater): Rs 19.76 lakhPrestige (7-Seater) – Rs 17.73 lakh
Smart (O): Rs 16.69 lakhMX E (5-Seater): Rs 14.97 lakhSmart Pro (6-Seater): Rs 20.80 lakhPlatinum (7-Seater): Rs 19.64 lakh
Pure: Rs 17.69 lakhAX3 (5-Seater): Rs 16.94 lakhSharp Pro (6/7-Seater): Rs 22.41 lakhPlatinum Adventure (7-Seater): Rs 20 lakh
Pure (O): Rs 18.19 lakhAX3 E (5-Seater): Rs 17.44 lakhSignature (6-Seater) Rs 20.13 lakh
Pure+: Rs 19.39 lakhAX3 (7-Seater): Rs 17.77 lakh
Pure+ S: Rs 20.39 lakhAX3 E (7-Seater): Rs 18.27 lakh
Pure+ #DARK: Rs 20.69 lakhAX5 (5-Seater): Rs 18.43 lakh
Adventure: Rs 20.99 lakhAX5 (7-Seater): Rs 19.10 lakh
Adventure+: Rs 22.49 lakhAX7 (7-Seater) Rs 21.53 lakh
Adventure+ #DARK: Rs 23.04 lakhAX7 L (7-Seater): Rs 23.48 lakh
Adventure+ A: Rs 23.49 lakh
Accomplished: Rs 23. 99 lakh
Accomplished #DARK: Rs 24.34 lakh
Accomplished+: Rs 25.49 lakh
Accomplished+ #DARK: Rs 25.84 lakh
Accomplished+ 6-Seater: Rs 25.59 lakh
Accomplished+ #DARK 6-Seater: Rs 25.94 lakh
Tata Safari vs Mahindra XUV700 vs MG Hector Plus vs Hyundai Alcazar: Diesel-Manual Prices
  • The 5-seater variants of the Mahindra XUV700 are the most budget friendly option.
  • If we exclusively consider the 7-seater variants, the Tata Safari Smart variant boasts the lowest entry price point, whereas the base-spec MG Hector Plus has the highest among all.
  • The Hyundai Alcazar has the second most affordable starting price when considering only the 7-seater variants. In fact, its range-topping Signature 6-seater trim is up to Rs 5.81 lakh more affordable than the Safari’s Accomplished+ #DARK 6-Seater trim. However, it is worth noting that the Safari offers a more powerful diesel engine and tons of additional features compared to the Korean SUV.

Automatic Variants

2023 Tata SafariMahindra XUV700Hyundai Alcazar
Pure+: Rs 20.69 lakhAX3 (5-Seater): Rs 18.93 lakhPrestige (O) (7-Seater): Rs 19.20 lakh
Pure+ S: Rs 21.79 lakhAX5 (5-Seater): Rs 20.30 lakhPlatinum (O) (6/7-Seater): Rs 20.76 lakh
Pure+ #DARK: Rs 22.09 lakhAX5 (7-Seater): Rs 20.92 lakhSignature (O) (6/7-Seater): Rs 20.88 lakh
Adventure+: Rs 23.89 lakhAX7 (7-Seater) Rs 23.31 lakhSignature (O) Adventure (7-Seater): Rs 21.24 lakh
Adventure+ #DARK: Rs 24.44 lakhAX7 AWD (7-Seater): Rs 24.78 lakh
Adventure+ A: Rs 24.89 lakhAX7 L (7-Seater): Rs 25.26 lakh
Accomplished: Rs 25.39 lakhAX7 L AWD (7-Seater): Rs 26.57 lakh
Accomplished #DARK: Rs 25.74 lakh
Accomplished+: Rs 26.89 lakh
Accomplished+ #DARK: Rs 27.24 lakh
Accomplished+ 6-Seater: Rs 26.99 lakh
Accomplished+ #DARK 6-Seater: Rs 27.34 lakh
Tata Safari vs Mahindra XUV700 vs MG Hector Plus vs Hyundai Alcazar: Diesel-Automatic Prices
  • When it comes to diesel-automatic, the Hyundai Alcazar stands out as the most affordable choice, whereas the Tata Safari is the most expensive.
  • The Mahindra XUV700 is the sole option that can be had with an optional all-wheel-drive system (AWD). 

Now, here’s a look at their diesel engine specifications: –

2023 Tata SafariHyundai AlcazarMahindra XUV700MG Hector Plus
Engine2-litre turbo-diesel1.5-litre diesel2.2-litre turbo-diesel2-litre turbo-diesel
Transmission6-speed MT / 6-speed AT6-speed MT / 6-speed ATLower Variants: 6-speed MT
Higher Variants: 6-speed MT / 6-speed AT
6-speed MT
Power170PS116PSLower Variants: 155PS
Higher Variants: 185PS
Torque350Nm250NmLower Variants: 360Nm
Higher Variants: Up to 450Nm
DrivetrainFWDFWDLower Variants: FWD
Higher Variants: FWD / AWD (only with AT)
Tata Safari vs Mahindra XUV700 vs MG Hector Plus vs Hyundai Alcazar: Diesel Specs

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