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Ola MoveOS 4 Launched For S1 Range of Electric Scooters

Ola has finally rolled out the MoveOS 4 over-the-air software update for its S1 X, S1 Air and S1 Pro electric scooters, introducing over 100+ new features and various enhancements to the EV lineup. Here are some notable changes that you should know about: –

  • Improved UI: Enhanced user interface for easy access to frequently used features with a single tap, eliminating the need to exit the navigation screen.
  • Ola Maps: The e-scooters now feature dedicated Ola Maps in addition to the existing MapMyIndia maps. This also brought features like “Find My Scooter” and “Share Location From App”. Users now also have the option to mark preferred locations and customise their travel preferences.
Ola MAPS in MoveOS 4

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  • Auto Turn-off Indicators: This AI-powered intriguing feature automatically turns off the scooter’s indicators after the turn is complete, thus reducing the reliance on manual commands from the rider.
  • Hill Descent Control: It provides a better sense of control to the rider while rolling downhill.
  • Geofencing: It allows the owner to set virtual boundaries for the scooter on a map. When the scooter enters/exists in these pre-determined areas, the system sends alerts to the owner.
  • Time Fencing: It restricts scooter features based on a schedule, allowing owners to control specific usage periods for secondary users.
Ola Tamper Alert
  • Tamper and Fall Alert: The tamper alert triggers when there is unauthorized access or an attempt to move the scooter without proper authentication. The fall alert, on the other hand, activates when the scooter is involved in a significant impact or fall, prompting the electric motor to shut down. These features enhance security and safety, allowing prompt action in case of suspicious activities or accidents involving the scooter.
  • Garage Mode: It allows the control of multiple scooters from the Ola app interface.
  • Care Mode: Shows the amount of money saved and provides readouts on avoided carbon emissions.
  • Concert Mode: It enables riders to play a shared song across multiple scooters and synchronise a light show for a spontaneous concert experience.
Ola MoveOS 4 features
  • Ride Journal: It provides riders with statistics like average speed and range, efficiency, battery usage, money saved, and distance travelled via the Ola Electric App on their smartphone, allowing them to share their riding milestones.
  • Ola has now also provided the convenience of cruise control in Eco mode.
  • Other Changes: With MoveOS 4, Ola has claimed that the hill hold assist function, proximity unlock, hypercharging, regen braking, and charging time predictions have been made better. The company has also introduced a biometric app lock through smartphone applications to enhance safety further. A new passcode recovery option has also been introduced through cloud and Bluetooth, providing a solution for riders who forget their passcode. The mobile app now comes with a dark mode as well.

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