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Minimum FASTag Balance Provision Withdrawn For Passengers Vehicles

The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has removed the provision of maintaining a minimum balance in the FASTag wallet. This is being done so that seamless movement at electronic toll plazas can be achieved. 

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What changes have been made?

So far it has been observed that while purchasing Fastag, we had to pay a security amount that could not be used for toll payments, and we need to keep some additional money in the FASTag wallet to pass through the toll barrier. And if the wallet did not have a sufficient balance other than security, the vehicle was not allowed to pass through a toll plaza. This was adding to undesired troubles and avoidable delays at toll booths. To resolve this issue, now it has been decided that the users will be allowed to pass through the toll plaza even if the FASTag doesn't have sufficient balance. Because from now on, in such a situation, the outstanding balance of toll tax will be deducted from your security money and your balance will go into negative. Later, the security amount will be recovered by the concerned bank at the time of the next recharge.

This provision is only for passenger vehicles. Commercial vehicles will still fall under the old rule. 

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FASTag will be mandatory from 15 February

For the people not in know, the FASTag will be mandatory for all vehicles from 15th February 2021. Earlier, the deadline for the same was 1st January 2021, which was later extended for 45 days. Therefore, to avoid any kind of trouble on the toll plaza, get a FASTag for your vehicle before the last date.

In the other news, the central government has also made it necessary to have a valid FASTag for the renewal of the fitness certificate and insurance, so that people follow this step sincerely.