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Mercedes Benz Cars To Get Expensive From April 2023

Mercedes Benz India has announced a price hike of up to 5 per cent for most of its models, which will be effective from 1st April 2023. The German luxury automaker has attributed the increasing input and logistic costs and high depreciation of the currency compared to the Euro are the key reasons for the price hike move.

Here’s how much extra you’ll have to pay for Mercedes cars from the next month: –

Model NameRevised PriceQuantum of Price Hike
A200Rs 44 lakh+Rs 2 lakh
A220dRs 46 lakh+Rs 2 lakh
GLA200Rs 48.50 lakh+Rs 2 lakh
GLA220dRs 50 lakh+Rs 2 lakh
C200Rs 60 lakh+Rs 2.5 lakh
C220dRs 61 lakh+Rs 2.5 lakh
E200Rs 76 lakh+Rs 3.5 lakh
E220dRs 77 lakh+Rs 3.5 lakh
GLE 300d 4M | Rs 90 lakh+Rs 2 lakh
GLE 400d 4MRs 1.08 crore+Rs 3 lakh
GLS 400d 4MRs 1.29 crore+Rs 10 lakh
S 350dRs 1.71 crore+Rs 7 lakh
S 450 4MRs 1.80 crore+Rs 7 lakh
Mercedes-Maybach S 580Rs 2.69 crore+Rs 12 lakh
EQS 580Rs 1.59 crore+Rs 4 lakh
Mercedes Benz Cars Price List (March 2023)

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As the above table reveals, the price hike for Mercedes Benz cars ranges between Rs 2 lakh to Rs 12 lakh. The Mayback S 580 is the most affected by the price hike move, followed by GLS 400d 4M, S 350d and S 450 4M.