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Mahindra comes forward in difficult times

In this crucial time of the coronavirus outbreak and rising cases in India, several industrialists have pledged to support the country and its people in different ways. Anand Mahindra of the multi-billion dollar enterprise Mahindra & Mahindra Group has offered to provide Club Mahindra resorts as care facilities for those infected. The Group is also in the process of making ventilators which would be helpful to the healthcare of the infected people.

The company is increasing manufacturing by simplifying design so that production can take place on a large scale.

''At one end, we along with two large PSUs are working with an existing manufacturer of high spec ventilators to help them to simplify design and scale-up capacity. Our engineering team is right now with them working on it.''  Pawan K Goenka, Managing Director, Mahindra & Mahindra, tweeted on Thursday.

''Also, the company is in the process of making an automated version of the Bag Valve Mask ventilator, also known as Ambu bag. 'We hope to have a Proto ready in three days for approval. Once proven, this design will be made available to all for manufacturing.'' Pawan K Goenka added further. 

face shield PPE

Mahindra group is also using its production facilities for the development of Face shield, design of which has been sourced from Ford Motor.