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Honda HET Technology Explained

As of 2019, India is the fourth largest automobile market in the world and is considered as an attractive market place globally. However, as an individual, India is considered a price-sensitive place. Here price designates not only the rate of the vehicle but also its maintenance and running cost. Realizing the mileage context of the customers and rapidly increasing fuel prices, Honda introduced HET technology in 2013. As per the company's claims, the HET tech aids to deliver better mileage results. So, what precisely is this technology? 

Honda Two-Wheelers – What is HET?

The HET word here stands for 'Honda Eco Technology', which has derived to increases the fuel efficiency of Honda two-wheelers. But how does it enhance the mileage figures? Well, by improving the combustion process, significantly reducing friction, and optimizing the gearbox. 

  • Decreased friction: – Honda has reduced the resistance by offsetting the crankshaft, which ultimately reduces the friction from the sidewalls of the cylinder. It also results in a lower loss of power and the motor feels smoother. Apart from this, the brand has also adopted a low tension piston ring & an upgraded bearing oil seal. Additionally, Honda has also reduced the overall weight by using lightweight reciprocating components.
  • Improved combustion process: – Honda has improved the combustion process with the help of highly inductive nickel spark plugs and customized intake design, which has contributed to a smoother airflow. This has significantly reduced the wastage of unburnt fuel. Further, the nickel spark plugs also offer better reliability than traditional spark plugs. 
  • Optimized gear ratio: – By optimizing the pulley converter ratio & driving force, Honda has increased the mileage figures without negotiating on the power output. 

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Due to all these improvements, Honda has achieved up to 11% improvement in fuel efficiency compared to the older non-HET models. Currently, in Honda's lineup the Activa, Dio, Shine, Unicorn, Livo, CD 110 Dream and Hornet 2.0, etc comes with HET engine.