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Honda City Hybrid Revealed, Will It Launch In India?

It has not been long since the 5th-gen Honda City was launched in India. Now, recently Honda has revealed the hybrid version of the mid-sized sedan in Malaysia which can be expected to arrive in India sometime next year.

Honda City Hybrid: About the car

Honda city hybrid

Honda’s hybrid platform

The hybrid City gets the i-MMD (intelligent multi-mode drive) platform like the CR-V hybrid and Jazz e: HEV (for international markets). This system works with two electric motors and one IC engine. The first motor is integrated with the IC engine, acting as an Integrated starter-generator whereas the second motor sends drive to the wheels.

Drive modes

This allows three drive modes in the car- first in which electric power is used. Second, working on the IC engine only and a third which will allow a combination of both. The first one allows an efficient economy, the second one lets you drive as the other vehicles and the third one providing a complete experience. 

honda jazz hybrid

The electric motors are quite enough to help you with your intracity commutes when on highways the petrol kicks in to deliver the performance you need.


We could expect petrol engine present in the current lineup to power the hybrid unit as well. The very reliable 1.5L, 121bhp naturally aspirated DOHC engine is a great unit delivering a powerful ride with well-handled NVH levels.


The newest line up of city in India starts at an ex-showroom price of around Rs 11 lakh going all the way up to Rs14.65 lakh mark. Which already makes it the most expensive car in the segment, the hybrid won’t be cheaper model. It can carry a price tag of at least Rs 15 lakh and something higher than that won’t surprise us.


The hybrid city will face no competition in the Indian markets because of lack of any other strong hybrid offering in the market. The mild-hybrid Ciaz comes closest and is yet very distant with its 12V electric unit that contributes only to a slight boost and saves fuel.

Author’s Take

The most efficient bridge in the transition from IC engines to all-electric units is built on hybrid cars. Such vehicles have produced impressive technological and economical outputs. Toyota Camry and Prius have seen great success in international markets.

Fully hybrid vehicles are supported by reliable technology, they are capable of providing a perfect driving experience both in cities and on highways. The new City brings that on the table and we hope that it will be able to fill the vacuum and perhaps pioneer the important segment, as there is no real budget hybrid sold in the country at the moment.